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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


FASCISM in AMERICA ~ January 07, 2015

ABOUT the “FASCISM CLOCK”: (The “FASCISM CLOCK” was originally set on April 30th, 1984, 14-minutes before 00:00. This setting represented the 14-conditional elements defining “FASCISM” as published by Dr. Lawrence Britt. As these conditions are approached, the “CLOCK” tends towards 00:00, wherein “America” finds itself under “FASCISM”. The clock was adjusted on January 07, 2015, based on consolidation of wealth and Congressional discord as the overall influencing factors that erased approximately T-minus 2-minutes since the last adjustment. NOTE: The adjustment of the “FASCISM CLOCK” is controlled by manipulation of enormous reams of data that takes into account the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness goals of America's “Middle Class”. The data is manipulated by a Cray “Super-Computer” at a defense-shield secure and secret location in Alaska.)

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