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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sad Day for “Free Speech”

Sources close to France's “Police Nationale” and “Gendarmerie Nationale” are perturbed that the American news' media may have “blown it” when broadcasts were heard around the “world” that the Kouachi brothers involved in the Hebdo massacre had been captured – when they were still on the run! According to reliable sources in Paris that traced the incorrect information about a capture, the 1st broadcast came from MSNBC's Chris Mathews at about 1:00am on Thursday, during an airing of “Hardball”, when no such claim had been made by France's police – as it was early morning and unlike here in the states the police do not give updates. When this “capture” went uncensored, the police believe it provoked Amedy Coulibaly – an accomplice to the Kouachi thugs – to go on an early morning martyr-rampage wherein an unarmed apprentice officer – Clarissa Jean Philippe – was gunned down. It is apparent that the news media in its race for solidarity was over zealous, which may have cost this 25-year old “rookie” her life! Paris police are waiting for an apology from all American news' outlets that “broadcast” this incorrect information about a capture that in reality did not take place for another 10-hours! If Chris Mathews is not brave enough to make that apology, then I do it as part of my “Free Speech” responsibility – “My dear friends in Paris, We are Sorry”!

"We are So Sorry"

S. Pam McGee(Independent Journalist not affiliated with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX or MSNBC)

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