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Monday, January 19, 2015

ET – Call “No Go Zone”

Wow, “Project Blue Book” has been “declassified” by the United States Air Force and offers over 130000 pages of UFO documents collected over the years. Of course, what does “declassified” really mean, as the guts & glory stuff can remain incarcerated for years – forever if it possesses a national security threat. Now those of us that live in Alaska, we had probably one of the scariest moments with “Extraterrestrial Sightings”. In fact it was more then just a sighting, as a research scientist had broken an alien “S.O.S” code and decided to transmit the same back into space from the Clear AFB radar site, to see if the “May Day” call would bring home some “Good Samaritans”. It worked, and when an alien space-craft came to the rescue, it was blown out of the sky by hell-fire missiles and crashed at a remote location – a hilly terrain that is off limits even today as there was left behind some kind of energy source that didn't allow snow to even accumulate – during the dead of winter and would screw up navigational signals for miles around. That source was finally neutralized, not by anything we had in are arsenal, but an “alien” energy source that was equipped with some “Kill” routine. So that “crash site” is today part of the “Military NO-FLY Zone”. But you won't find any information about that incident, except some weird stories about highway drivers getting pulled over by “Men in Black” and asking some very strange questions of what one may have seen driving between Clear and Wasilla, on the morning of the ET visit. For those that may be interested in this “UFO” sighting that is still “Classified” and will never be released, a book called “S.O.S. from Byers Lake” is a story etched out of what information was available and researched to render some semblance of what occurred – even though the scientist involved was suspiciously electrocuted. But I found some interesting things in the recent release, especially about a possible cover-up of another “No Go Zone” under surveillance by the authorities. 

 ET call home!

 BJ call "No Go Zone" ~ Jindal, just an alien experiment gone BAD!

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