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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


What a poor choice for a come-together marching song, IMAGINE? John Lennon was for peace, not free speech patheticness that inspires an eye-for-eye tooth-for-tooth showdown. It was no doubt a sad day with the murder spree in Gray Paree, but what provoked it should be front and center of attention. I don't understand “French Courtsine”, but a deadly rampage office outbreak here in the “Homeland” would have initiated “law suits” for the victims against the owners. And poor “Charlie” would have already been to bankruptcy court and there would not be another printing of annoyance that propagates “HATE” and discontent. Probably a more deserving tune for the “Francois Unity Rally” occasion would have been Lennon's “Just give me some truth”! But I am glad that the Obama administration decided to “skip” out of town with the rally in France. Now though, Obama is on the receiving end of the flack fringe, trying to dodge the crap being sent his way every which way but loose. But Obama can pacify the Turd Right, by giving in and saying OK, should have sent Hillary and behind closed “Oval Office” doors have a good laugh. Obama knows what he is doing, he's a survivalist so proven under rather trying times and has become conditioned to the slinging. So when the “Turds” don't agree with his authority and upcoming “Executive Privilege Orders” to trump the Congressional “Turncoats” turning a cheek, he can now play the “pacifiers” game, tell them what they want to hear so as to piss them off some more. Look, no matter what the Rampant Murdouche FOX “Turd Right” claims, or CNN for that matter now infiltrated by the “Turd Right” or for that matter MSNBC infiltrated by cowards, we had plenty of coverage at the “Muslim Bashing Rally”. That's what an “Ambassador” is all about, so we did have plenty of dignitaries on hand. “Bashing?” Yes, I am in agreement with what Howard Dean said about it all, “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. There about as Muslim as I am”! Here is the shake down take down. One thing the “Terrorist” found out after 911, it ain't the people, it's not the present day government, it's the fringe that is causing all the hate and discontent warranting a chilling stance of retaliation. They're not after me or my family - as they sympathize with this nation's middle class being taken over by the “Wealthy” in a form of segregation also known as “Fascism”. That's why you very seldom see any of the Dubya foundation enjoying freedom, they can't as they are the targeted. Yes, this attack in Paris was by the fringe, homegrown zealots bent on causing harm based on some preferential crazed craving of revenge. Sure the ISIS goons support it, as it is free publicity! But that's what it appeared to be behind this rally theme, just a ways and means to give credibility to some freeloading cartoon contortionists, that use the Crayola to reshape “Hate”. Look, the cartoons provoked the fringe. And what is with all this touchy-feely crap, between America and France, as we still do not allow the word “French” anywhere near the Congressional cafeteria! Remember, it's “Freedom Fries” on the menu, and that came about through a Congressional bill as that country still does not support our invasion of Iraq! In fact, on last count there were only two individuals that still supported that attack, George and Dick. So, are we now in bed with France and was Obama supposed to be there to give a Dubya hug to German Chancellor Angela Merkel? That creepy thing almost started a “WAR”! Here is another tidbit that cautions our stance on this escapade. Our government spies had cautioned French authorities many times on “chatter” targeting Hebdo le Charlie. We can only do so much, we tried to warn! So, did France just finally say the hell with the hellions bent on causing religious hatred, just let them fend for themselves and be done with? Appears that may be the way, but we tried! And according to my “reliable sources” at the Penthouse, the French authorities were not keen on Obama attending the rally, just too risky with all the threats and until such time “French Fries” are...but maybe Obama would have been safer over there then over here! See when a member of Congress compares Obama to Hitler, the sleeper cells have come out of hibernation – as we are at “WAR” with ourselves. Money is buying more then representation these day, it is buying our doom as when those that “Hate” Obama voice such with open cowardliness like it has become a fashion fad, what kind of nation are we? Ever since this country was destined for destruction as instructed so by the Bush & Cheney dysentery dynasty, we had to hire a “Black Man” to bail us out, and what a job Obama has accomplished yet the FOX hounds cannot get over it and will use “Free Speech & Free Expression” to show that incest affects the brain like a Turd Right lobotomy. FOX news is a terrorist cell in disguise as it wants to destroy Obama and their time is running out. So where in hell is it still safe for this statesmen I am so proud of, and cannot understand or realize just what in hell he has done to deserve such treatment unbecoming a society bent of “Freedom Fries”? And “IMAGINE” what John Lennon would have said about using his “IMAGINE” at such a rally. Maybe when “Imagine” was translated in French, it lost its true identity and meaning. This was just another case of a bunch of thugs with nothing better to do then to cause harm upon something they despised. It was not “Terrorism”, if so then it was a home-grown retaliatory move – as the mocking of religions by “Charlie”, extreme mocking was common place practice that would incite retaliation. The entire Hebola is a fabric of its own society. Said again, I am a proud as an American glad and grateful that our “Commander-in-Chief” stood his ground and stayed at home, hope he played a few rounds of golf. Too bad “Americans” couldn't stand our ground, and incarcerate those members of Congress that have one wish – either to impeach Obama or through their Sarah Palin rhetoric excite and incite an “assassin”. In a recent poll, when asked if Obama deserved to finish out his terms, 100% of “Turd Right” followers called for either an impeachment or a take-down, it doesn't matter either way as long as Mitch McConnell's wish comes true. Why we have people that cannot get over it that a “Black Man” has saved our ass goes to show evolution is not fair to white supremacists, as Obama is probably the “Greatest U.S. President” of record, so true his tenacious tenure in my lifetime. But this entire protest and rally is fodder for the news' media, that believes self-censorship is a crime. Look, when a crime is committed based on “Free Speech”, causal connection along with contributory negligence makes the perpetrators accomplices. Case in point: When Sarah Palin went crazed and targeted U.S. Congressional representatives in the cross-hairs of an assault rifle, with words to the effect “Time to Stand Your Ground”, followed by Palin “twart-farting” words to the effect, “Don't Retreat, RELOAD” and we found Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords gunned down by a Palin fanatic follower, it did indeed start a debate about the clause in the “Free Speech” that warrants “responsibility for abuse”. Was it “Free speech” or “Free Expression” or was it cause for concern and the intent to harm was the subliminal message from Palin's SarahPAC, well we see what happened. Look, Gabrielle was a threat to Palin, as Giffords would have been the 1st woman to become a leader in the White House. She had it all, and was a 2nd Amendment endorser and a member in “Good Standing” the NRA! So when Sarah tried to defend her actions, she had an entourage of “Turd Right” legal experts come to her defense, saying that it wasn't an attempt to assassinate anyone, and that praising “Assassination” could be construed as over-the-edge inciting but the “cross-hairs” didn't get to the assassination approval level. Basically, the “cross-hairs” targeting individuals by name on SarahPAC had not elevated itself to the “assasination” level wherein a causal connection could be construed as “guilt”. Which meant Palin was off the hook, but she should have been jailed! So when the “Interview” was announced, which called for an assassination, were in hell were those that frowned on such back a few years ago in Palin's defense, as the tipping point to “Free Speech NOT”? Nowhere to be found except taking the time to continue attacking Obama. I feel sorry for this great man, as he gets beat up every damn day yet doesn't let it get him down. In comparison, look what Obama has accomplished, outperformed Bush-Clinton-Bush above and beyond, without torture yet there are so many that torture back! Bottom-line, it is the color of a man's skin that still promotes a culture like we find with the Murdouche Fox Turd Right. Like I have said time and time again, it is a sad day for the 1st Amendment as it has been a sad days for the 2nd Amendment. When these pillars of our “Constitutional” foundation go out of control, when so abused as is occurring today, we will in time find controlling mechanisms shoved down our throats – that is fundamental to even kindergarten misbehavior. We have blown it with the 2nd and we seem to be allowing the same erosion on the 1st. When we can no longer be heard due retaliation for refusing to “censor”, even the silencers will be silenced. There is a way to get a point across, uncensored with the same message that does not promote “Hate” but debate – that is what's behind the 1st, allowing us to be heard in efforts to intelligently debate issues of importance. Control is coming, and when we have the Turd Right attacking the color of a man's skin, when we fear when we should fear not, when we are afraid to “Self-censorship” out of human respect – we are heading down that no-return dead-beat-dead-end on a street-car named “Destruction” all because of a “fringe” element that some how has invaded what we stand for – all based on a state and religious separation destroyed through false gods!

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

I'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight-short sighted-narrow minded hypocritics. All I want is the truth just give me some truth. I've had enough of reading things by nuerotic-pyschotic-pig headed politicians. All I want is the truth. Just give me some truth. No short haired-yellow bellied son of tricky dicky is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me with just a pocketful of hope. Money for dope. Money for rope. I'm sick to death of seeing things from tight lipped-condescending mommies little chauvinists. All I want is the truth. Just give me some truth. I've had enough of watching scenes of schizophrenic-ego-centric-paranoic-prima-donnas. All I want is the truth. Just give me some truth

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Songs by John Lennon

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