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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Time's Up

Well, I guess the “Little White Lie” has finally surfaced, and it will end Sarah Palin's “Narcissist Legacy”. Most of us that supported her continuous rant & rave providing laughter, well all good things must come to pass. See, Palin let loose a doozy the other day, with her “Service Dog” used as a “Step Stool” posting, because she was lazy and would rather have the dog abused then getting off the phone with phony Hannity. But when she went on Hannity following the fallout and described how the “Service Dog” had been trained at “Puppy Jake”, a nonprofit organization with a single “Mission” to “ACQUIRE AND TRAIN SERVICE DOGS FOR MILITARY VETERANS WITH POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER”...let's see what kind of laughter she entertains us with when trying to get out of this one!
Sorry Veteran with PTSD, but my stool culture was more important!

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