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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wake Up American

The price of oil has dropped 50% in the last 6-months. Sure the price of motor gasoline makes us smile so we can cruise the open roads from sea to shining sea so we can learn how many officers have been gunned down in the line of duty, but are we missing something with this “Crash”? Yes we are, and if we refuse to “Stand Our Proud” this time around Wall Street will see another outrageous bailout - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. That “Brat” bailout is in the planning stage as we speak and continue to get over-confused over “Free Speech”. I am glad the Pope has sounded out his feelings about “Hate Speech verses Free Speech”. Anyway, a more serious and troubling issue at hand is this oil, as bragging rights are evaporating as fast as the methane from a cow shit farm. See, Wall Street has derivative investments totaling somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.5-Trillion, for “shale fracing” and Wall Street has also responsibility for $3.5-Trillion in “unfunded” pension funds. “TRILLION”, that means how many “zeros”? Now when the banks gave away money left and right for this “Gold Rush” in shale development, it was based on oil hovering around $100 bucks a barrel. Money going out for development was being covered by the price of oil above and beyond decency. The average break even for “derivative & future” contracts was based on at least $70, so when things were good the banks were paid back when the contracts came to be and the companies involved in this lucrative “fracing” venture were riding high - as were all the service companies taking advantage of the land-owners. Now though, with oil trading at $50, those companies that contracted for “energy” based on “derivative of speculation”, they will not be able to abide by the contracts and it means defaulting as the only solution. See, those contracts locked in oil at that bargain, of $70. It allowed some semblance of protection when oil lifted over that mark, and in actuality acted as a neat profit. But with the crash, it means a deficit growing by the $millions$ every day. So default, get the lawyers involved to protect the assets and in the meantime life goes on. Which means the “Independent” oil companies will be left with the “empty pockets”, then what? Look, the banks find no mercy! Now the Energy Department is forecasting oil averages for 2015 at $58-bucks a barrel. And forecasts for 2016 average in at $75. The experts are cautioning on these numbers, as still too damn high and think a better guess is on average $66 for the next 2-years. Either way, it spells gloom, and it means a crash on Wall Street commencing in the summer and lasting 6-months to a year, wherein that $3.5-Trillion will be up for grabs in realization of pennies-on-the-dollar do-or-die! The salvaging has already begun! Look, like in the “Housing Bubble Bust”, the money lost by many didn't evaporate, nor was it burned at the stake. It ended up in a Wall Street brat's pocket as a bonus, the wealth was distributed to a select few! That's how it works, some loose, others gain! So with $3.5-Trillion at stake in the oil sector and that same amount in the pension funds, it means many retirement programs will go bankrupt as the Wall Street brats give not a rat's ass about your well-being and their well-being rests in the “energy”, so that is where the emphasis exists for another “bailout”, as there is a serious “derivative” deficit! It will take another bail-out by Obama, or the next Commander-in-Chief – the reason that Mitt Romney wants to take over the “Oval Office”, as he has an awful lot to loose in this game. Yes, Wall Street can manipulate the scene until such time they have it cornered, then we hear the “sky is falling”. So today the gamble is not if, but when to attack and bring down the “WALL”. See, Obama may have only a single choice on who gets bailed out. And we know Obama will pick the little guy over the 1%, so that is why the rich bastards are panicking. There is only so much to go around, get it? Will he do it so close the end of his term? And here is how it works. You own a single stock of Getty, the guy that lives in the mansion in the gated community, he owns 1-million stocks of the same company. Now you both wake up in the morning realizing that stock is worthless. For the poor guy, it means a loss of a cup of coffee, so no big deal. For the 1%er, it means a million dollar loss, and that money was supposed to be for the Mrs.' botox treatments, so it is a big deal. So you and that neighbor facing depression go talk with Obama, and ask him to “bail” out the mess – so you can buy a cup of coffee and the Mrs. can get her “Botox” fix. All is well. But both being Taxpayers, you don't equally share the pain of the bailout. See, you pay say 32% on your hard-earned income. Mr. Richy Rich, well he pays “zero” and hides everything “offshore”. So get the point? Sure the bailout helps you out, but it also gives in to thievery. We need the “bailout” just as much as those with wealth, yet who pays for it? This is what is going on in Congress, only 10-days after they all were sworn to “no eviction of office”. Yes, they are bracing, and Eric Cantor is having the time of his life, smiling all the way to the “banks” he is helping out through friends still adamant about “lobby first”. With “citizens”, well maybe 2nd rate but don't count on it. And that is why Congress is so up-front, as when we have a bunch of $millionaires$ representing us poor, of course they want to shore up any loses, as to leave Congress broke, it ain't the American way. There is only so much to go around. As the ranks in the “millionaires” club increases, Congress paves their way and we end up paying their way. So Americans should be watching and looking out for what may transpire with this “Crash”. And when the shit hits the fan, well those that gambled will try to take it all down, in efforts to convince Uncle Sam to hand over the loot - our loot - like occurred in the “Housing Bubble Bust”. Yes, we will hear the doom & gloom of jobs being cut in the oil sector as they can fabricate false scenarios, they can cut jobs over-night, as they don't give a rat's ass about the workers. Look, the “Middle Class” is in competition with Wall Street. We cannot have it both ways, what was once good for the goose is no longer good for the gander. As this nation producers more and more “brats” that will never have to work a decent job their entire lives due the fact they live off a “Trust Fund”, they find fascination with only a single loyalty. It is sad what has become so complacent and indecent with the American way of life, an honest living...”HONEST”, is what's missing. So another squeeze play is coming around, as a way for those in control to benefit – bailouts have set precedence and will be a forever ways and means for the 1% to steal away more and more. They're crooks, get it yet? Look, when the economy crashed, Obama infused both Detroit - Middle Class Workers - and the Wall Street with cash, to fix things for the betterment of that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And it worked. How come the auto tycoons have paid back every red-cent with interest, but Wall Street is still in denial? Because they realize they got away with it once, so can get away with it again. It's all a game for the “Brats”. Remember, Wall Street has only a single client, not us but self-centered “Greed” and it is the Devil in disguise. Tear down that “Wall”, maybe it is about time! But remember this fact not fiction. With a Congress that finds itself part of the $millionaires$ club, what side are they on? A fix? Simple, abolish all “Trust Funds” and estates become the property of the “State” upon a death. When money cannot be taken with you...the way it used to be before Congress went "Corrupt"!

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