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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dear Taxman

Wow, so Sarah Palin says her family was “privileged” to receive a “Service Dog” from the “Puppy Jake Foundation”, because they were supporters of the “Foundation”. Rather odd, as the Palins are not listed as such on the “Foundation's” web-site. Now sure, a “Donation” may be under the anonymous and “please leave-me-alone”, but why hide out affiliation with an organization whose main “Mission” is to provide “Service Dogs” for “MILITARY VETERANS WITH POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER”? See, according to the board-of-directors, it costs between $18,000 to $20,000 for a dog like the Palins have available at their beckon call to be used as a step stool. So was this a “Fair Market” trade, a donation for a dog? Or is this something the Taxman should be investigating? And the Form 990 filed with the IRS for the “Puppy Jake Foundation” as a nonprofit, it doesn't list anything that could support Palin's claim. So something isn't right, as if a “Gift”, how was it declared? OK, who gives a rat's ass except that veteran that thought he or she was next in line for a “Friend” but was sidelined by the “Narcissist Queen of Bad Behavior”. A step stool named Fido? Of course, as Sarah Palin uses her fan base, to elevate her ridiculousness! 

Just In: Does Trig need a dog? According to 1478 parents of “Down Syndrome” children questioned about the “Fido Step Stool” and whether or not their handicapped kids needed a “Service Dog”, all 1478 polled offered: “No special needs dog required, just good parenting”!

Live from Lake Willbegonesoon: 
Fido, sit, good dog.
Fido, lay down, good dog.
Fido, step stool, good dog!

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