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Friday, January 23, 2015

My Fellow American

My Fellow American: I was asked to write the following e-mail in efforts to head off a serious violation of "Public Trust" Doctrine. When I receive a response from the Prime Minister's office, it will be posted.

Dear Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu,
Prime Minister of Israel;

With all due respect, I am asking you to postpone any visits to the United States Congress. Please realize that your action to accept House Speaker John Boehner's invite is causing problems, it has the realization to undermine our Democracy. I am not a rich American or a politician, just a hard working Middle Classmate, so I have very little say in what goes on at the White House. But I can see that you may have been dragged into the slug-fest between President Obama and Congressmen Boehner, and your acceptance is like pie in the face. So would you, for my sake and the sake of my fellow man, please take this into serious consideration. Any reason to continue with such a visit leads me to believe that my support for Israel over the years has been in vain. We have a protocol in this nation, as does Israel, for visiting dignitaries. I believe the way the White House is looking at Boehner's invite is indeed a violation of that protocol, and for me a violation of Trust validation. I speak for many Americans that feel the same way and by turning down Mr. Boehner's offer, you would be helping us out, to get back that Trust we seem to be loosing out on everyday wherein we have a Congress and administration that continues to disagree. So for the American people without a voice in this slug-fest, please refuse that invite to visit the U.S. Congress. Even though it appears that you have already accepted such, by turning it away now will prove above and beyond that you are indeed a TRUE Statesman. Thank you, and peace always. 

Sincerely, S. Pam McGee
United States Citizen in Good Standing

cc: U.S. President Barack Obama

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