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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Caught Red-Handed!

I just finished reading MoanaLisa MurCowpie's “Little Red Lie” dysentery dissertation – an editorial that lasted about 10-minutes front & center on one of Alaska's “National Enquirer” Internet-tabloids then shoved aside by the dispatch editor, which means nobody was hitting on MurCowpie. It used to be publish or perish, now more like get “hits” or “bye-bye”! But the non-interest is par for the course of course. See, many Alaskans believe she's a transvestite in disguise and afraid to come out of the closet. As she never shows up in Alaska and those in the know in D.C. have no idea whom we may be talking about when an outsider mentions the “other” Alaskan senator? According to legend, when down in Ketchupkan christening the M.V. Susitna, MoanaLisa was seen using both the “Men & Womens” bathrooms, then again, there was an awful lot of Dom Perignon floating around and the wind was gusty, so maybe the welders went paranoid! The biggest bottle of bubbly ever purchased was used at that “christening” ceremony! So even though the “boat” has yet to accommodate a “single” passenger, that “bottle” has become history! See, when empty it was filled with Sarah Palin e-mails - courtesy of Sean Parnelli - and is floating around somewhere on the high seas. But yes, MoanaLisa was on hand to “christen” the “Boat Nobody Wants”! That doesn't bother me, MoanaLisa's preference - no not the champagne - as I am all for LGBT and we need more of “those kind” in Congress. See, maybe if the Congressional “crappers” were coed, then maybe something would get accomplished, over a good shat! But MurCowpie's take on the 114th Congress, it's frightening to say the least. So, the rhetoric sounds good with “We are One”, but when you read between the lines with a little “Douglas Brinkley” history, it is full of lies and MoanaLisa was caught “Red Handed”, again. Remember, she is known to stretch the truth, just ask Bob Penney and his dealings with MoanaLisa with “Kenai River” property valuations. Anyway, did it just wake up? Maybe daddy dearest taught it well, don't share don't play fair with the democrats, just bide your time on the people's dime until such time you are the swine. Then lie some more and keep your cushy job. It is pathetic, that after 12-years in prima-donna land – a senate seat given to MoanaLisa through nepotism – our “Cowpie” thinks Alaska can gain “Independence”. What a laugh, as that was something that “knocked” once upon a time a long time ago – it's gone as we will never be in a posturing position to claim “Independence”. It's a long story why we did not succeed in that endeavor – it's gone, so don't look back. And as far as a “Future”? Look, we can't even run a “railroad” in the “black”, and if not for Uncle Sam paving the way we would not be allowed to use the rail during non-peak hours - wherein half-fare discounts are provided to residents. See, that is a Federal requirement, to provide half-fare seats during non-peak hours, to the elderly, the disabled and veterans. But in Alaska, even though Casey Jones Sheffield receives over $40-million from Uncle Sam as “revenue” to keep the rail bosses equipped with “fat boy” salaries, we don't get to use the “non-peak” advantage until winter, as if they did follow the rule-of-law, it would take away profits from the Princess – and without MoanaLisa has no friends in high places. Look, we have the worst record for electing representatives and the only reason we continue to re-elect incompetence is the fact that Ted Stevens knew what he was doing by getting Alaska addicted to “Pork”, which keeps on coming through legislation made “almighty”, by Ted – not by Frank, not by Don and not by MoanaLisa. If Alaskans took the time to review the swine, we would have an entirely different delegation bidding for our future. It's doomed, get the point! Yes, with simple things like the railroad and how it screws the U.S. Taxpayers, it is beginning to creep up and we are under the microscope. What Ted put to practice is coming to an end, as almost “in stone” has worn out its welcome as all good things find a time and place for a RIP. I have fought the “non-peak half-fare” problem for decades, and get the same lame excuse from the “Brats” over at the depot. And try to get a comment about it from the “ARR BOD”, forget about anything intelligent as they are too busy figuring out how to pass on “Transport Credits” to the KOCH brothers so the “Brothers” can then say the $2-million credit was a gift and transfer that over as a political campaign gift through “Citizens United” – so even though Casey Jones is supposed to be “neutered” with respect to any candidacy preference, the railroad still finds a ways and means to contribute so Begich can be defeated. I am serious this matter, even though the Alaska Railroad is banned from corporate political campaign contributions by virtue it finds a “State Corporation” status, it has found a convenient way to sidetrack the intent of the law. So not only does the U.S. Taxpayer get screwed some more, I still cannot get a half-fare ticket in the summertime. And who in hell wants to travel by rail when it is -50, as the train-cars never warm up and by then the tourists are gone into hibernation and the caboose cafeteria is closed and you can't even buy a cup of coffee. And the young republicans along with the Tea-toddlers are looking at Alaska, realizing that “wanton waste” is a serious violation of “Taxpayer Trust”! Look, the “Tea-Party" is in charge of the purse-strings, there ain't no new money coming this way, due in part the way Alaska has abused Federal handouts. Sure the BIA and Denali Commission will continue to steal away money from the U.S. Taxpayers, but forget about funding for more “Bridges to Nowhere”. So this “bright” future dreamt about, where in hell is it coming from? And MoanaLisa is not a fan of the EPA! Like with Tin-man Cruz talking about abolishing the IRS, MoanaLisa wants to abolish the EPA, thinking that Congress is better equipped to issue “Air Quality Permits”! Has anybody been following that hazardous spill on the Richardson Highway, just 48-miles outside of Valdez that is threatening the “World Class Copper River”, where the renowned salmon are caught? Honestly, a truck driver tipped over a 4000-gallon “pup” and blamed it on Sarah Palin like mama-moose lights. So he called his boss in Fairbanks, and the boss said don't worry about it until the morning. So from 6pm until 3am, over 4000-gallons of sulfur contaminating diesel went loose through what was considered a “pin-hole” leak. Now when it was finally reported that the “tank” was empty, well after spending over a $million$ in clean-up costs, the truck owner said he was broke! So the EPA had to come to the rescue and use “U.S. Taxpayer” loot to clean up the remaining nightmare “worst case scenario” mess – that had it been reported on time as required as time is of the essence when salmon streams are in harms way, this mess could have bee considered “minor” - now it is threatening the rivers! And now, the “U.S. Taxpayers” are footing the bill, in the tune of $2-million and counting. Yes, the boss went back to sleep and we thought Joe Hazlewood was a misfit. Had MoanaLisa won her battle in the 113th with the EPA, the money to clean up this disaster would have come out of the “State” coffers, where it should be coming from but instead we send our money off to the KOCH brothers, for campaigns bent on un-seating those that honestly cared about Alaska – like Mark Begich. Why in hell he was defeated goes to show that if you pacify the citizens with welfare, they don't care about nothing and it is the ultimate of “Controlling” mechanisms disguised as “FASCISM”. Anyway, it is sickening that MoanaLisa comes out of the closet with another pathetic rendition of, well fodder fit for the “National Enquirer” in efforts to have us believe there is a care:

I will continue to be a tireless advocate for Alaskans. The greatest single issue of concern for many Alaskans is the high cost of energy. The good news is that we now have a unique opportunity to revisit our energy policies. Congress has not passed comprehensive energy legislation since 2007. Much has changed in the intervening years. It’s time to reimagine our energy policies and ensure that Alaska once again has a prominent role -- as a source of supply for our nation and a test bed for promising new technologies. As chairman, I will pursue an aggressive energy and public lands agenda that promotes Alaska’s economic independence and self-reliance, all while respecting our environment. Low oil prices are creating a level of uncertainty about state revenues and some may want to look to Washington, D.C., for short-term answers but lasting solutions will not come from another federal program. Instead, they will come from policies that provide new access, facilitate new production and finally achieve economic independence. With a restored Senate and key chairmanships, Alaska is well served in the 114th Congress. We should all be excited by the opportunities ahead.”

The lies: MoanaLisa was instrumental in getting the Energy Department to allow “Alaska North Slope Natural Gas” to be exported – once banned – to non FTA nations, which means it will be sold to the outside markets and “as a source of supply for our nation” has been forfeited. She “will continue to be a tireless advocate for Alaskans”? Right now, the air quality is “Unhealthy” in Fairbanks and North Pole. Matter of fact, it ranks 7th on the list of “unhealthy” places to live. But for the top contenders it is “Agricultural Pollution” like from dust and pollen that is not harmful - what is polluting the air up north is from heavy metals left over from burning coal. One of the biggest polluters is the power plant at Eielson AFB, operating under a “permit shield” because it cannot meet EPA guidelines for PM-25. And the only reason it is still in operation is due pressure from Congress – you know who I am talking about! The plant was built in 1952 and was supposed to be raised. With no money available, this base will get “BRAC'd”. Young fought for the money so did Begich, to replace the “polluters” but today that “dream” has all but evaporated. Why? Because Young has no clout. Begich is gone and MoanaLisa is a "No-Show" on issues of importance. And mostly because this is Tea-Party country, Joe Miller territory, so let them suffer and die the effects of the pollution as they didn't vote for the “MurCowpie”! And MoanaLisa has done nothing to show an interest in the high cost of energy for Alaska's interior and villages. Look, the Alaska Railroad has been sitting on $18-billion in “Municipal Bonds” to build a “Natural Gas Pipeline”, yet all we do is talk about it. In fact, the U.S. Government was interested in those “Bonds”, but was cut-short an interest to invest because of, guess who! We could have had natural gas by pipeline already had we had members in Congress that gave a rat's ass. Begich tried, but was out-numbered. All-in-all, there is nothing new with the way MoanaLisa MurCowpie tries to paint the rosy picture – as we get what we pay for and in this case too bad we didn't have a warranty!
1. in the act of committing a crime or other reprehensible act ~ doing something reprehensible or showing clear evidence of having done something reprehensible.

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