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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


OK, so the National Security Agency has admitted in public that it was spying on North Korea and was able to infiltrate that Podunk nation's network and infect military and government computers with a malware – some 4-years ago? Wow, I guess we are not afraid of anything, maybe so proud we are, that we have been able to “Assassinate” Flung Dung Phony's pride and joy, the fact he can convince his lemming followers that he doesn't crap! Honestly, he tells the citizens he's not an asshole, and they take that away thinking he doesn't shit? See, with the SONY “cyber-bullying”, Flung Dung needs a good crap, but is constipated. See, if he would just come around and befriend Congress, he would find plenty of help, as Congress has all kinds of constipation and diarrhea medicine at its disposal. Maybe Rodman can cope some goods for the beast. I think our Congress is the guinea pig for testing “crap & No crap” prescription drugs. But if indeed this NSA briefing is true new news, it deviates from what we were told early on this capper, about how clumsy the North Korean “Geek Squad” operated and left behind traces of evidence their attack on Seth Estrogen - like leaving traces of “IP” mail box locations. Footprints in the snow! So, now we have in front of us an entirely different reason, as to why the NSA can point a finger at Dung Phooey – whatever his name is today, it changes like a moving target. But if it were indeed a “malware” variant of the Stuxnet or Duqu or “Flame” - named in honor of CIA “Fair Game” flame Valarie Plame - since these “cyber-bullying” codes gather information and transmit such to many “Control Center” domains like a free-for-all around the world, if we knew about this attack, then why did not we stop it – or at least warn SONY what was about to come down the “Tube”? Yes “Tube”, as that is what my dear friend Ted Stevens used to call it, he was old school! So, “cyber-bullying” is a business, no doubt about it – wherein “Geeks” are constantly trying to outwit other brethren involved in the religion of “Hacking”. They get off on it, like masterbation! Basically, it is the Muskie Ruskies against US. But once a mal-weary virus is successful and “mission accomplished”, sometimes the “kill all evidence” code doesn't work all too well and those attacked can trace it and thus make a copy of the virus, then use it to their own advantage. So when the “Geeks” were successful in infiltrating North Korea's network and infecting any computer, or in some instances by design the virus is good for a limited time only for reasons of being undetectable, they most likely started an around the clock monitoring routine, to see what was going on. Imagine, being able to watch Fromunder Dung Phooey take a crap! Or at least have some trigger points, like when an attack signal was broadcast, just where in hell was it directed at. So I am still having a difficult time assessing the new information, as it still doesn't add up, getting warmer, but still a “Cold Case”. See, if we did infiltrate and crapped a virus here and there but due the stench it went detected and the North Korean Geeks dis-ciphered that code, they could easily change the code for their own pesonal gains. And when first responders started pointing the middle finger at Hung Low, that there was some evidence in Korean pig-Latin, how stupid is that regime? Look, if I wanted to attack SONY and cover my tracks, I would embed some NK jokes in the code, just to side-track the guilt – it's that easy. But even though this attack on SONY falls still in the “cyber-bullying” fantasy land, there have been times wherein destruction has followed such “Tube” infiltration. In Germany, a large vat used to melt steel was controlled to destruction, it cost $billions$ in damage, with lost profits. This attack may have come from Iran, as the virus that destroyed Ahmadinejad's nuclear bomb making capabilities originated from a German conglomerate. It was a pay-back attack! So, said again, I still question what we are being told as to how the NSA still “stands its ground” by indicting North Korea over the break-in at SONY. Now there is reason to believe that the Deepwater Horizon was a destructive accident caused by a “virus”, like the Stuxnet, infiltrated then when summoned to destroy the well, the use of the “man-in-the-middle” code came to life in efforts to fake out the sensors that would have “KILLED” the well when it started going out-of-control. The art of well completion is a science, and nobody does it better then Douche Cheney's Haliburton, as it means big bucks. Haliburton was on the scene as the “Mud Man” when the rig blew its stack and 10-roustabouts died in vain. So this is a really suspicious occurrence that has found very little attention from the conspiracy fringe – but I have reason to believe there may be a possibility that this was a “Cyber-Crime” attack and those in the know are being very quiet. It is the same “be quiet” ritual that followed the grounding of the EXXON Valdez, it was a sabotage job but the owners do not like that kind of evidence introduced into court – it makes a corporation very vulnerable due “True” negligence and it is cheaper to blame it on God, as he isn't here to defend himself, or herself, you get the point. And so scientific and automated are these “Rig Support Complexes” that Haliburton hires out for huge sums of money, well it can then hire, well grunts that know one thing - how to follow orders. It is tough work, and never stops around the clock, so most of the machinery used is highly automated, and susceptible to sabotage. I saw a similar thing happen at a Haliburton “RSC” up in Alaska. A virus infiltrated the fire detection circuits, made them happy all the time, and when a “gas kick” was in progress, the detectors didn't alarm? So it would have been very easy for intruders to want destruction upon the Deepwater well and rig when it was close to completion – when things are most vulnerable. The virus could have been placed in the “Deepwater's” RSC computers and in hibernation, until such time it was time to play the game - just waiting for the right conditions. And all that would be required was a control system that disguised what was really going on top-side, called the “man-in-the-middle attack”, wherein all the sensors that measure mud flow and gas concentrations, well all appeared normal, the reason no alarms. Yes, pressure indicators could have been fooled also, giving the operators a sence of security when all the time it was a plan brewing to disable the rig. The virus that was introduced into the Iranian computers to destoy the centrifuges used to enhance the raioactive materials needed to make bombs – called the Stuxnet – it was designed many years ago by Israel and U.S. counter-intelligence, but somehow got loose and today it is everywhere! And with advances in “cyber-sabotage”, nothing is safe as that code has been manipulated and is probably one of the most dangerous things on this earth. Look, a virus could introduce chemicals into our food supplies, our water supplies, and Heaven forbid our navigational systems become victim to some “code” manipulating. So why was the Deepwater a possible “cyber” attack? Look, this “blow-out” will soon bankrupt British Petroleum. It is preparing to pay amercement in the tune of $14-Billion, on top of what it has already paid out. So BP has sold off many assets, many of its lucrative assests and with the price of oil so low, it is sitting pretty for a hostile takeover. Sure it was the plan, as American interests have been trying to get rid of the Queen Bee for, well since 1976 when it took over the assets left behind from when SOHIO was broken up due to anti-theft violations. This is how mean and nasty it gets with investors, what's a few grunt lives lost at sea when $millions$ can be made in bonuses? It is all about the takeover, the spoils of a takeover, and what better way to find that “mission accomplished” then through “cyber-bullying”. It's cheap “WARFARE”! And believe me, it is just the beginning, as these mal-weary viruses get loose, get re-coded, and we are so damn hooked-up. So we live in a world today wherein the Geeks are controlling and dedicated to the highest bidder. Sure you hear about some bedroom creep teenager that makes a break, that is fiction compared to the real world of “Cyber-Bullying”. it started as a game, today we see it has become a deadly game and a costly game. But we as humans shy away from this culprit, not yet ready to accept it as a deamon upon us, and until such time we will look for causes of destruction from “old school” relics and for a while we will be fooled as to what really caused those “blowouts” and with that excuses that don't really hold water.

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