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Friday, January 16, 2015


Wow, this may go down as the “Best of the Best” of years to watch how a real “Statesmen” handles the pansies. OBAMA, no holds barred this time around. Honestly, if this nation found a “Revolution” on its hands and Obama went to “WAR”, I would be right behind him! Talk about “Courage”, makes the “Red Badge” take on a whole new “Mission Statement”. GO OBAMA, and if you need help, I am “Ready & Willing” to fight for my country with you as “Commander-in-Chief, as you are demonstrating today and showing the “World” who is the “BOSS”! Amazing, a single “Patriot” taking on the entire Congress, 536 against “One”! Now here is what I don't understand. According to FOX, 89% of its audience thinks we are still in a recession? But when you see how FOX defines a “recession”, then you realize how it comes about these fake statistics. But then again, that same audience believes Mitch McConnell is human and that Boehner doesn't have a drinking problem, so what would you expect except, well “Fringe Filth” with explosive diarrhea of the mouth – from the Murdouche FOX!

Defintion of “Recession” according to FOX:
 Ann Coultergeist(a.k.a. Ann Coulter) during a recession!

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