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Sunday, January 18, 2015

PollyWOG Erection

Wow, had way more “sleazy scientist” hits from Murdouche FOX then I bargained for, with respect to publishing the PollyWOG Theory - inquiring whether or not Grudge Jeanie Pirroanha's cross-eye-eyesore is due this phenomenon. Could be, but could have something to do with the “Universal Laws” of not telling the truth! Here is my take on that. When you get a house loan you get what is called a “Truth in Lending” statement, which is an accurate assessment of how much you will dish out over time for some wood and bricks, for a roof over your head. So why not have the same for the news' media, a “Truth in Broadcasting” statement! Anyway, back to the “PollyWOGs. So let's extend it, not the lies, but the experiment! If we build a “zero inertia” rigid pole from here to the moon and secure the moon at one end and secure the other end to the earth, then with the earth's rotation so will the moon be subject to this same rotation and our experiment begins again. Now within 0.125 seconds - with the moon taking the place of the “nose goober” as was required during PollyWOG Theory Experiment #1 - well if things remained the same and on course, the universal laws would go broke! So within a blink of an eye, the moon would also be subject to the “Time Domain Refractive Index” gravity phenomenon. The reason “Objects in the mirror are closer then they appear” as in this case the moon isn't where you see it, but in reality somewhere in between, its oscillating! So yes, it is affirmed that Judge Jeanie's “crossed-eyes” are due this phenomenon, because she is always looking ahead to bash Obama and that has a tendency to violate the “Universal Laws” of “Truth” by getting out of synchronization! And it is the same reason Ann Coulter appears normal, as if you go behind the scenes of the PollyWOG, with the effects of “TDRI” gravity missing out and the “Universal Law” of nature broken, you end up with Ann Coultergeist! Some call it a parallel universe, glad I'm on this one as at least it doesn't appear as scary as the Coultergeist”! Wow, science is fun!

 Judge Jeanie Pirroanha – Cross-eyed due PollyWOG effect!
Ann Coulter "Under the Influence of the PollyWOG"phenomenon
 - a.k.a. Ann Coultergeist effect!

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