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Friday, January 23, 2015

Dubya Abdullah

So, King Abdullah of Saudi - net-worth of $18-Billion - passes gas and the price of oil surges by almost a $buck$? How desperate are the Wall Street loan sharks – a.k.a. “Futures Speculators”? With oil prices depressed and sinking, a $buck$ is a much needed kick-start for those so depressed that the “sky is falling”. If you think the supply and demand of market economics controls the “Bull & Bear”, you are a douche. If you are one of them “brats” in control, you are a douche-bag. Like a “Carpetbagger”, why do you think you own me and think it is alright to gamble my hard earned loot away? I guess that faction of society with a single goal, to make it to the 1%, are in a panic mode to rescue pennies on the dollar with their “oil wealth” portfolio, more like “spoiled portfolio. Look, $millions$ daily is being swallowed up by this crash in oil pricing. With respect to “energy stocks”, we are all positioned on loosing ground, like with our pension plans - which have been underfunded by Wall Street shenanigans for almost a century, you don't see me in a panic mode. Look, I have already cut my loses, by realizing “retirement” was but a bad dream about to come true with a whole lot less – good thing for Social Security. But many think our “SS” safety net, well the “net” has a hole in it and where in hell did my money go? Hey, it don't look like a hole, more like a convenient “zipper”. OK, who in hell has been siphoning off my inheritance? Sure “We the Proletariats” of the “Middle Class” got screwed, but herein is where I find difficulty. With all the crashes, with all the bubbles burst, wherein we all took it in the “shorts” because we were in it for the “Long”, the money I lost, the money you lost, it didn't get torched at a street corner soup kitchen hand warming barrel – that lost loot is in many a someone's offshore account! What don't the security cops get? Track it down and retrieve it, I'll pay a bounty. See, if we hired “Dog” to find that lost loot, when his wife showed up at “Wall Street” all hell would break loose and there would be penance! But I am glad President George W. Bush came out of hibernation from Crawford depression and commented on his daddy, King Abdullah passing “gas” - that last sigh of life! Remember “House of Suds”, or whatever it was called wherein George talks about being adopted by George H.W. and Barbara, which pissed Jeb off, because the son that could have been president was sent to the back of the line, so that the King could have a say in what Bush & Cheney defined as “Torture”. Yes, “Dubya” may be the illegitimate son of the King. I'm not making this up, there is enough evidence that this rumor holds water – so “Dubya's” net-worth may have just increased by a whole bunch, which means he can fund the Jebster's run against Mitt, as a pay-back for not being a good older brother. Anyway, “Dubya” commented that, daddy Abdullah was a “Force for modernization”. Wow, didn't we just witness some of that “modernization”, with a beheading in Abdullah land? See, it is all coming together. Bush is from Saudi, and that is why “Torture” isn't...just a disciplinary adjustment, walking around like a chicken with a head cut-off. In all honesty, now that United States can produce enough energy to be self-sufficient, we should cut off all ties with the “Middle East”. Let them duke it out like gentlemen, then when the desert dust clears away, we see hopefully an “Offer in Compromise” wherein all sides of the conflict win-some, loose-some but unite to get on with it. Who knows, we might even see some “women” rights established for once! I for one am very tired trying to be the “peace maker & piece keeper”, because it costs a whole lot of my “Taxable Income”, for something we had not  a problem revolting against – and in the end, look at what we have accomplished, a “Do Nothing” Congress! Basically speaking, we would see another “Union” formed, like the 13-original colonies, maybe 13-seperate “peace treaty” nations working toward the common good, just like what we have here in the states – freedom from religious prosecution, too each his own choice. So maybe we should koch it with giving Bush a bad time over his “Torture Directive”, as he was just following what he learned from his dad. But also of interest, the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” board of directors has decided to move the “Doomsday Clock” ahead, by two-minutes. This is scary, as the “clock” is now at 3-minutes until doom, and with “Objects in mirror appearing closer...”, what in hell has happened “Worldwide” to cause such an abrupt about-face, as the clock had been heading towards “Jimmy Carter Peace Time”? Wow, a minute because of Belichick and another minute forward because of Tom Brady, because of lies told during press-conferences about their inflated egos – deflated footballs – for winning the AFC championship and another Super Bowl! Yes, cheating for a chance at Super Bowel XLAX, and now we are closer to “Doomsday”.

 The "BUSH Saudi Files"

 "Get that one"
"Bassim was one of 10 people beheaded so far this year under the kingdom's strict version of Islamic sharia law. Saudi Arabia executed 87 people last year, up from 78 in 2013, according to an AFP tally. A United Nations special rapporteur has said trials leading to the death penalty in Saudi Arabia are "grossly unfair". The kingdom had the third-highest number of recorded executions in 2013, behind Iran and Iraq, Amnesty International says. Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are punishable by death in the oil-rich Gulf state that is a close ally of Washington."

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