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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Steel is a Steal?

The Republican-controlled Senate on Tuesday rejected Democrats' bids to ban exports from the Keystone XL oil pipeline and to require building the project with American-made steel.” So what does it mean for Alaska? Well there is an interesting battle brewing in Alaska and in Congress over “Steel Rights” and the “Right to Steal”! It is a requirement under “Public Law” with Federally funded projects that “American Made Steel” be used for construction, something that was encouraged by Ronald Reagan and supported by every damn President since then – as to say otherwise finds reason for treason. Now in Alaska, following our conviction of “Patriotism” the state just “squashed” a project to build a new ferry terminal in Prince Rupert – British Columbia, Canada. Because of such “Made in America” standards. This was an FTA funded project, so the requirement for “American-made Steel” was justified. The Canadian government did not want “American Steel” and said it wasn't required because the ferry terminal that is used for the Alaskan Marine Highway system, well it was on Canadian soil and due sovereign domain American rules are “moot”. Not the case, as this terminal that belongs to United States and funded by Uncle Sam, same damn requirements hold. So just yesterday, well Alaska decided to pull the plug on that project – no more negotiating? Uncle Sam has already approved the “loot” which factors in the additional costs if any from using “Steel Made in America”! Something smells “fishy”, as why throw away money already approved? At the same time, the GOP senate has denied that same “Made in America” requirement for the steel that will be used, if and ever the Tans-Canadian XL Keystone gets a stamp of approval from Obama. Using “American” made steel creates thousands of jobs, helps “OUR” economy, so what's the problem? What side are they on, those that are derelict at defending this Americanism? According to Alaska's Republican Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpie, “such restrictions on a privately-funded energy project amounted to a slippery slope." Do you have any idea what “slippery slope” means? MoanaLisa knows all too well, as it is part of her nepotism and land swindling upbringing. But as this “Steel Rights” battle goes on, with MurCowpie as the front runner to “badger democracy”, there may be a sinister motivation defined by that “slippery slope” and finds soon of record a “precedence set”, a very valuable tool for future like arguments. I have reason to believe that the Prince Rupert project is now on MoanaLisa's desk, waiting for a waiver! The reason it was pulled, not for any semblance of “Patriotism”, but looking for a waiver from the GOP, just liked occurred with the XL Keystone cops project. SHOOT AMERICANS DEAD! It is not a coincidence that on the same day that the GOP passed the “XL Treason” bill that Alaska pulled away from the Canadian project. And this could have overreaching negative consequences for Alaska and the United States – so read on if you believe in “American Patriotism” and also an “American Worker”. In Alaska, the proponents for the long awaited “Alaska Natural Gas LNG” project have before them the same set of conditions to deal with. According to “Public Law” issued by the United States Congress and still in effect: SEC. 101. SHORT TITLE: “Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act”. SEC. 102. DEFINITIONS: (1) ALASKA NATURAL GAS - The term `Alaska natural gas' means natural gas derived from the area of the State of Alaska lying north of 64 degrees north latitude. SEC. 111. SENSE OF CONGRESS CONCERNING USE OF STEEL MANUFACTURED IN NORTH AMERICA NEGOTIATION OF A PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENT: It is the sense of Congress that--(1) an Alaska natural gas transportation project would provide significant economic benefits to the United States and Canada; and (2) to maximize those benefits, the sponsors of the Alaska natural gas transportation project should make every effort to-- (A) use steel that is manufactured in North America; and (B) negotiate a project labor agreement to expedite construction of the pipeline. The amount of steel required for this project, for the pipeline and facilities, it would put every damn “Steel Plant” in America on over-time steroids for several years. It would then be transported, on America freight trains and then onto American freighters. It adds $billions$ to our economy, it creates thousands of jobs, if it is done right. But right now and behind closed doors there is a “magic wand” being applied to that “ALL Alaskan LNG” project, the biggest project ever conceived. Massive it is and the biggest undertaking to date for an LNG project in America. Yes, the project today sits between a humongous $45-Billion and $65-Billion price-tag. The GOP Congress has already had their mitts in this project, by undermining the fact that the original intent of Congress was to preserve this massive amount of gas stranded in Prudhoe Bay as a saving grace energy resource for “America”. It was denied export, but that has already been changed by Congressmen Don Young and Senator MoanaLisa. I was against lifting the “Export Ban”, for many reasons, but our delegation used an outdated memo from President Ronald Reagan that allowed the Obama administration to get sidetracked, and low and behold we can now throw away our future! In all honesty, that gas should be reserved for the future. OK, so there is a glut in the lower-48, so why not sell it to an FTA or non-FTA nation, the latter finding slave labor and no worker rights, to unload that LNG so Alaskans can continue to get rich and receive that yearly “PFD Welfare” handout. But that $65-billion is scaring the investors, which includes the State of Alaska as a 50% stakeholder holding the loans, along with guarantees. But with oil prices crashing, so is the Alaskan “Piggy Bank” going broke. So this project is needed, even though Alaska has today a $50-Billion dollar reserve! So behind closed doors, cost cutting is the subject of debate with the state bureaucrats and, well guess? Good old “Trans-Canada”! And if you cut out the “American-Made Steel” bias requirement along with the requirement for a “construction labor agreement”, low and behold the project now rests at a comfortable $45-Billion and change! Yup, use crap grade steel and non-union workers, it's a done deal. So what in hell do you think is going on that makes this s fishy ordeal? It was Trans-Canada with the Keystone that went to MoanaLisa about the “Made In America” “poorboy” problem, and it is Trans-Canada that has its mitts financially heavy in the Alaska LNG project. So what big deal, as this XL is DOA. Not so fast, as even though Obama will “Veto” any Keystone project, this vote to deny the “Made in America” was symbolic for Alaska, same reason the “Ferry" project was side-lined, just waiting for prefrential treatment that will allow a sellout. So what damn side are they on? If we insist on “American Made”, the American workers “WIN”. If we have a Congress that is bothered with helping secure work for the “American Workers” and use their power to satisfy the “Lobby”, is this NOT a form ofTreason”? If anything, it is a violation of that oath, the “eviction” clause. And here is another thing that adds to the suspicion that MoanaLisa is in bed with clowns. When government funding was approved a few weeks ago, missing was the $1-million appropriation for continued funding of the “Federal Pipeline Inspector”, a position mandated by Congress and past U.S. Presidents from 2004 to make sure any “Alaskan Natural Gas Transportation System” followed the “Sense of Congress”. It was missing from the funding amendment and MoanaLisa made some comment that she didn't realize it? Don Young, well what clout does he have these days, except to be not heard and be not seen with a “Beanie” cap. Mark Begich, who was kicked out of office by Alaskan voters who drive the party line and get taken for a panty raid line, he was the only delegate that fought to keep that office running – for good enough reasons. That office since inception was a $20-Million dollar jobs creating department, today closed up? Reason, to take any semblance of government control away from this mega-project, in efforts to circumvent the “Sense of Congress”. That's it, get rid of the “oversight” and over time continue to whittle away at the original intent of Congress. Pathetic, that we have no idea what is really going on. See, when we become so pathetically complacent, in rush the advantage takers. As we remain busy minding our own, some are paid to raid the hen-house. So it is sad, take that back, it is “Treason” and a violation of that Congressional oath, but not a damn thing you nor I can do about it, as we voted the “Treason Sleeper Cells” into power and gave them Constitutional power! Hey, the “Do Nothing” is not asleep at the “Wheel of Fortune”. And what do we get in return, a bunch of poor excuses about a “slippery slope”, more like “slippery sloppy seconds” and in the meantime, just throw it all away to the outsiders, just so our politicians can get Trans-Canada to reach deep for that “Citizens United” staying power. When will we see once again, a “Sense of Treason” being addressed?

 "Read my...I salute UNIONS, and steel is steel"
 "Sense of CONGRESS...Nonsense!"

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