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Monday, January 26, 2015

Alaska Declares WAR


So, Alaska is declaring “WAR” on Obama. I'm on Obama's side, he is the better man, sorry MoanaLisa! Anyway, there is maybe a sinister reason that U.S. President Barack Obama is initiating an order to “Lock Down” the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge from any future oil & gas development – way to go “Mr. President! The “Sinister” comes not from Obama, but from the way the Alaska Delegation – namely Don Young, MoanaLisa MurCowpie, Mark Begich and now Dan Sullivan have gone around Obama on matters of national interest and importance. So, the blame game is in their court! See, when we have a “Do Nothing” Congress, well that conveniently interferes with things and allows a tendency for “brats” to circumvent the “Sense of Congress” and beat around the bush. So Alaska does indeed deserve this punishment. In fact, if Obama cannot get any traction that favors this resource development “Lock Down” from Congress, with the stroke of his pen we may find ANWR under the status of a “National Monument”, through the “Anitquities Act of 1906" – which means Obama can declare ANWR off limits all by his lonesome self. But he won't be “lonesome”, as I am in support of this action as is John McCain – the first time John and I have ever seen eye-to-eye! Wow, is my sentiment. Hey, if this nation would have elected McCain, ANWR would already be under lock & key – no matter what VPPD(Vice President Prima Donna) Palin would have desired as she would have already quit that position by now. I voted for Obama, twice and proud of it! Look, “Big Oil” gave up on ANWR 15-years ago and heard that yearning to “Go West”, and today look at the oil prospects being found in the National Petroleum Reserve - disguised as NPR! But that area of development is under fire by the Alaskan Natives, so it is bye-bye oil in Alaska. Not really, as we still have “West Sak” to develop! And if the “brats” in Juneau gave away “Royalty Relief” to “Big Oil” like it has done so to Careless Independents, that oil pipeline would be running full, instead of on empty. Honestly, drop that “Royalty Rate” to 5% and overnight there would be a “Help Wanted” sign for jobs in Prudhoe! Anyway, here is why the blame for this ANWR “Lock Down” flies right in the face of a dysfunctional delegation – remember this next time you enter that voting booth! See, a few months ago - before Dan Sullivan and before Governor Bill Walker - our gloomy elected officials decided to pull a fast one on Obama – it was called the “Export Limitation” clause found in the “Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act” – a bill passed by Congress many years ago and considered “Public Law”, and a restriction only for gas “North” of the 64th latitude demarcation. See, this gas was supposed to be reserved for “America”. The reason there was an “Export Limitation” in effect, and exports were only allowed to Canada – due the fact the trickle down theory does still work and the fact that our contiguous-48 states' natural gas infrastructure was already “hooked” to our northerly neighbor in “Good Standing", so any gas leaving Alaska through Canada would in effect benefit the nation. And “exports” without limitation were also allowed through Mexico, as the theory there called for an exchange of gas for electricity, and with the nacho-to-nation interconnecting grid, that made all the “Sense of Congress” in the world. So no matter what, that gas in “Prudhoe Bay” - a hundred years worth - well it was designed for our nation's energy security. This was something that Jimmy Carter endorsed that started out with Gerald Ford and remained in effect until, well when our Alaska delegation pulled a fast one on Obama. See, by law, it required the sitting U.S. President to make the decision whether or not to lift that ban. But no president in his right mind would accommodate lifting those restrictions, especially for reasons of exporting that gas to “another” nation, especially a non-FTA country that doesn't believe in “Human Rights. It was considered “stranded gas” and would remain “stranded” unless required for US! This was part of our nation's “energy policy”, with the realization that the gas was there if the “shit hit the fan”. So, for many years all was well. But in comes the State of Alaska with an interest to sell that gas – and with a somewhat “glut” in the lower-48 due “fracing” and new technologies enhancing recovery techniques, there wasn't really a market for that gas in the states. But the intent of that gas was not to make money, it's a “Reserve” for boiling water in the future. And today that so-called “stranded” gas is being used, for oil recovery which makes the state more money then it would so by selling the gas. Now when the state had an erection and went involved with a “Natural Gas Pipeline Project - Revision 3098”, it called for a monstrous gas export pipeline, from Prudhoe Bay to the Kenai with an interest on selling that gas to non-FTA countries, wherein slave labor would be bullied into unloading that gas. Now, that wasn't possible with the existing “Export Limitation”, and no way in hell was Obama going to entertain lifting such, not while Jimmy Carter was still alive! And Obama believes in “Human Rights”, so no way in hell would he entertain lifting the ban to satisfy the “slave labor” market. But one day long ago in 1988, when there came an interest on paper only by Yukon Pacific to move that gas by export out of Valdez, just to make it look good, then President Ronald Reagan wrote an opinion wherein there was expressed an interest in “exporting” this gas - by maybe lifting the ban. Something to the effect that Reagan thought it was silly, basically taking a shot at Carter's legislation which came from Ford! But being only a suggestion, it did not follow the “Public Law” with respect to the requirements to actually change the “Sense of Congress”, so Reagan's opinion remained just that an “opinion”, a suggestion not fact, not in effect a change of “law” and was not a carte blanche release. The sitting President presented a request to release such “Export” restrictions must prove a whole lot of things to make sure any lifting of the ban was consistent with the “ban's” original intent – which means the “ban” would never be lifted for any reason. See, when the ban was lifted to allow the “export” of Alaskan crude oil, it raised the price of motor gasoline “overnight” on the West Coast, a few pennies only – the same would occur by lifting the “gas export” restrictions, and thus that in itself would deny the president any freedom to change the existing law – as precedence had been set! Alaska's “stranded gas” was to remain the nation's energy supply no matter what. But our delegation shoved Reagan's opinion down the Department of Energy's throat, saying it was already approved, not by Obama, but by Reagan – when in reality it was never anything even close what was required to end such restrictions. How in hell can a silly suggestion...Under pressure, the DOE was forced to accept this demand by the Alaska delegation. Why? Well when Don Young and MoanaLisa MurCowpie and Mark Begich ban together, threatening of employment or promotions is how they get what they want. So the “easing” of the “Export Ban” allowed for the DOE to then issue a permit for this Alaska LNG project, without President Obama ever getting involved.  And that project is the biggest "Green House" gas producing project on the record books today, which doesn't fit well with Obama's environmental record. This was Obama's watch, not Reagan's – he's dead. Now it is possible that Obama may have also lifted the “ban”, based on his own conclusions, not an outdated opinion by Ronald Reagan. And said again, had Reagan actually been supportive about lifting the “ban in effect on his watch, he should have changed the law at that time! So Obama was sidetracked, and of course that pissed him off. I was in contact with the White House on this issue, not that I was against lifting the ban, but just wanted to point out what was happening as it appeared to be an attempt to sabotage Obama's authority. Boy, did I piss off a hornet's nest in the DOE! But the permit had already been allowed, and that came about because our delegation used Reagan as an escape goat as a ways and means to manipulate that “Sense of Congress”. Our delegation should have given Obama the opportunity to weigh in on this matter, instead of a sinister attitude to go around his back – so pathetic. Why is there such a filthy disconnect, when Obama wants to work with Congress? What in hell is their problem, Congress I'm talking about, as it just doesn't make sense and when they act like a bunch of kindergarten hoodlums needing a nap...So that was strike “One”. And the other day, when MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly floated a bill on the senate floor that erased the requirement that the XL Keystone pipeline use “Steel” made in America, because “such restrictions on a privately-funded energy project amounted to a slippery slope.", well one must read between the lines of what she was proposing with that bill. Look, Keystone is “Dead On Arrival” to Obama's desk of approval, so why bother with some legislation that finds no meaning? Well there is an ulterior motive with MoanaLisa and this is wherein Dan Sullivan has been sucked into the cesspool. Precedence set controls our destiny. And by MoanaLisa getting the senate to accept the fact that “slippery slope” means it is OK to selling out to foreigners, she wants the same damn thing in Alaska. So, we now have the possibility that when Alaska's natural gas is sold to slave labor nations that in efforts to build that monstrous project, well we will get the slaves to make that steel pipe needed to get that gas from up north! And along with that, at the same disgrace some more the “Sense of Congress”, disgrace Jimmy Carter, by violating again the clause: “to maximize those benefits, the sponsors of the Alaska natural gas transportation project should make every effort to-- (A) use steel that is manufactured in North America; and (B) negotiate a project labor agreement to expedite construction of the pipeline. Yup, cheap labor! See, that project is way too expensive if the state and other interested parties are required to use steel “Made in America” and construction through a “labor agreement”, both existing conditions in that “Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act”. So the Alaska delegation is good at gutting things that were made “Public Law” for the good of this nation. And instead of representing the truth, by bringing these issues front and center so “We the People” can judge what we think is right for the nation and maybe find compromise, they use sinister tactics - well it is starting to back fire! So that may have been strike “Two”, the steal the steel jobs criteria and when we see the “project labor agreement” requirement also disappear, which means sub-standard labor wages – well with strike “Three” and the “Sense of Congress” nothing but “Nonsense”, I am glad that Obama cares about this nation. “One Nation under One Man”, as he has an entire Congress that wants nothing more then to sabotage this nation, a violation of that “conviction against eviction” clause taken during that Congressional oath – and it is getting very close to that definition of a “crime of betraying one's country, attempting to overthrow the government” – which amounts to treason. So I am glad that Obama sees it necessary to “Lock Down” ANWR, even though we have already started invading that piece of Alaska for oil development. Dear Barack Obama, please hurry to protect ANWR!

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