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Sunday, January 25, 2015

C-SPAN Hacked

Wow, I needed a laugh so I tuned into C-SPAN, as it was supposed to broadcast the IOWA FREEDOM FUG-FUG-FUG Summit. Yes FUG, for “Fucked Up Guy, Fucked Up Gal, Fucked Up Guy! But when I tuned in, wow, C-SPAN was under a “cyber-bullying” attack, as the audience at the Steve King(Fucked Up Guy #1) and Sarah Palin(Fucked Up Gal) and Ted Cruz(Fucked Up Guy#2) Summit, it was just a bunch of obese white aged bastards! You know, those old farts wherein the wife is twice as large, so a couple actually means a three-some on the obesity scale. And then Fucked Up Guy #2 had the microphone. It was a sermon, wherein the word “FEAR” was “chastity-belted” over 52-times, in a ten-minute speech. What the hell happened to the American Spirit of the “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself”? Paranoia is a disease of these faith followers. Look, if Sarah Palin ever, ever became the President of this “Great Nation”, I would start a fan club - ISIS - for “Incompetent Sarah Inconsistent Sarah". So, it was just more of the same over-the-edge crap and probably the reason ¾ of the audience was sound asleep. So year after year, with Fucked Up Guy#1 it is the same, with Fucked Up Gal the same nonsense and with Fucked Up Guy #2, more snake oil. The only thing that has changed, well the fucked crowd is getting older and heavier as well the fucked up podium hogs getting older, and look what it will find in 2032!

 "King 2032"
"Cruz 2032"
 "Palin 2032"

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