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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Robin Hood Obama

United States President Barack Obama's “Presidential Library” has already sold out admission tickets in advance for 2017! I was lucky enough to grab a few seats, as even though I have never been interested in any of the past U.S. Presidents bookings - except Jimmy Carter as I was a fan of Billy Bud and wanted to learn what influence the younger brother had on Mr. Jimmy - with Obama there is an excitement to see his “Legacy” in lights and fountains inviting, and the 44th's library will be built on a 9-holer as a forever “Green Belt”! Look, no need to visit Bill's “Sex Palace” and NO I do not want to buy a Je Suis Monica beret for my wife. Dubya's library is just a big hole in the ground in Texas, where all them A&M homeless kids where killed trying to stay warm at a bonfire, and today that scene is nothing but a bunch of blood-stained military personnel carriers that were not hardened for battle and blown to smithereens by IEDs – so NO interest with that and I understand that Dick likes making facial makeovers on the road leading to the “Library”, so a good place to stay away from. What you mean it ain't open to the public? And with George H.W., well his “Library” is on an aircraft carrier and off limits to Americans! But I tend to find an overwhelming interest in U.S. Presidents that have been awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize”. Carter and Obama, no-one in between the 39th and 44th – the years wherein it could be heard from sea to shining sea, America, where are you now don't you care about your sons and daughters” struck home! OK, give credit wherein credit is so due, to be fair. Bill received the coveted “Spousal Abuse Award” and Dubya the “Torture Abuse Award” from Israel and H.W. the “Gargoyle Award”, for being the first corporation on the block to get a bailout present, from sonny during the housing bubble collapse. No, you won't find the Bush-Clinton-Bush dysentery dynasty behind that kind of award that Carter & Obama were fit to receive – forpeaceful solutions to conflicts, advancing democracy and human rights and strengthening diplomacy”, as that gang of misfits between 1989 through 2009, well busy with other priorities. With Bush & Bush it meant “WAR and more WAR”, and Bill was too busy with cigars! So finally we have before us a leader, a Commander-in-Chief that seems to care about “US”, not the 1%, but US! And Obama's legacy library will sport a special room, called the “Robin Hood” attraction, wherein we will witness 1st hand the effects of Obama signing an “Executive Order” that takes from the rich and gives back to the middle class. Yes, give it back to the rightful owners, the U.S. Taxpayers! See, Obama is pissed, so am I. When the economy was at the brink of disaster and Bush & Cheney barricaded themselves away in vaults of stolen loot, Obama had to “print money” in efforts to keep our nation running. And when Obama's plan worked at the surprise of many, those that sought destruction, well some in need of an infusion in efforts to stay economically buoyant have paid back the “loan” from Uncle Sam – even though there came no requirement to do so - but the American spirit lives on, at least true for the auto industry that has paid back in full with interest the bail bondsman's generosity. But with Wall Street, the 1%, no intent to ever make an attempt to make good their borrowing frenzy even today when the “Stock Market” is breaking records left and right – investment money profits are flowing in and out like when water-boarding over-dosing! So Obama is taking matters unto his own hands - like “Robin Hood” and is about to sign an “Executive Order” that will ax-tax the rich bastards and also give the “Salt of the Earth Middle Class Heroes” we are a tax rebate. Wow, gas prices down and a rebate, we will be riding high. And we deserve it, as it was our money to begin with that bailed out this nation and ended Bush's trap door crash. Look, Obama had only one way out of their pillaging before vacating the White House, it meant an infusion of U.S. Taxpayers' cash, the greatest welfare relief of all times. That was Bush's plan, steal from the poor and give it too his rich buddies. Now the tides have turned. So I cannot wait to enter that great room dedicated to Obama, as “Robin Hood” and hope that this will be but a beginning to a bright future, wherein “wealth” is no longer hoarded through an inferior tax code or a corrupt administration and then with that, we may be able to get back some normalcy in politics - when the rich bastards have not the disposable loot to buy them all due a tax code that does not favor but a select few. Barack Obama, the “Man of the Century” for the common good, a real Lech Walesa!

 George H.W. Bush Presidential Library
William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library
 George W. Bush Presidential Library

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