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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Code RED

What in hell is with all the name calling? Chris Kyle the “Coward”, the “Psychopath”, the “Liar”! Here is what I don't understand. U.S. Marine Corporal Eddie Ray Routh was discharged “Honorably” from the United States Marine Corp in June of 2013, for 7-years of “Honest & Faithful” service. That was several months after he was accused of “Killing” Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield at a shooting range in Texas. Yes, an “Honorable Discharge” some 5-months after the “shooting range shoot-out”. Is this rather odd, maybe not, but then again raises suspicion. According to Military Code:
To receive an honorable discharge, a service member must have received a rating from good to excellent for his or her service. Service members who meet or exceed the required standards of duty performance and personal conduct, and who complete their tours of duty, normally receive honorable discharges. However, one need not complete a term of service to receive an honorable discharge, provided the reason for involuntary discharge is not due to misconduct. United States Marines must have a proficiency and conduct rating of 3.0/4.0 or higher to receive an honorable discharge.

So here is my take on it all. In a few weeks “Routh” will be in court down Texas, being charged with “Capital Murder”, no preponderance of evidence required for a guilty verdict – but what will the defense try to use, to soften the blow of a young soldier heading for jihad jail, maybe the gallows! Yes “Soldier”, as the proof is in the pudding, that “Honorable Discharge” and we must give him just as much “glory be” as is afforded Kyle – not sympathy mind our manners! That “Capital” charge could face a “Death Penalty” sentencing, even though the “Prosecution” has denied it will push for such treatment. So, we have a trial that is front and center the “American Sniper” hype, another Clint Eastwood “Josey Wales” tale. See, Kyle is getting all the attention, with word that the insurgents in Iraq had a bounty on the “Long Ranger Killer”, that Kyle was on a “Hit List”. Look, every damn kid that has come home in a box was on that same “Hit”! Now Chris Kyle was very outspoken about his feelings with U.S. President Barack Obama on issues of national importance, very outspoken with those outspoken about the “conflict, and very jealous behind any semblance of gun control and Obama's plan to pull-out in Iraq. He actually has gone on record accusing Obama of “against the 2nd Amendment”. According to sources, he is a “Tea-Party” supporter, so what as this is America – the land of “Free Choice”. But party affiliation does enter the debate, as too what in hell went down on that “shooting” range in early 2013. Kyle was decorated for his service as a “sniper”, the highest honor achieved was the “Silver Star”, 3rd in ranking with respect to military service honors – same as John Kerry received as a “Swift-boater” in Vietnam. Kyle like Routh was a non-commissioned officer. But with all his valor and everything we have heard about his fascinating career in boots as a “sniper” extraordinaire, not a candidate for the “Distinguished Service Navy Cross”, the “Purple Heart” or that of a Presidential “Medal of Honor”. The latter meant 4-awards given out during the Iraq theater conflict, 12 for Afghanistan and 247 during the Vietnam War. Yes, there is a difference between a “WAR” and a “Conflict”. It takes a “Congressional Declaration” for a conflict to take on the meaning of a “WAR” - that never occurred in Iraq, or Afghanistan. Congress granted Bush a “Yellow Cake” OK for Iraq, but not a “Declaration” as required under the U.S. Constitution. So what were we fighting for? It's either “WAR” or NOT! So there has come an awful lot of rhetoric about the seriousness of the “Conflicts”, the reason there have come very few “Medals”, so Kyle has something to be proud of as he was fortunate enough to be recognized. And I guess from what is known from reliable sources not afraid to go public, Kyle was known to mess around with his true feelings about the “Conflict” and was not afraid to stick up to his convictions, even taking on Jesse Ventura – himself a Vietnam era SEAL – when supposedly Ventura bad-mouthed the Bush & Cheney invasion of Iraq. Now Kyle was a snuff-dipping “sniper”, Littlefield an oil field roustabout, both Texans. Working the oil fields of Alaska for many years, being introduced to Texans, I have a good scoring capability of what these two men may have been like, especially when out at a shooting range. Don't need FOX! On the other hand, Corporal Routh was probably in-line with Ventura's view of the conflict, as was Pat Tillman openly opposed to what was going on in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I will get to Tillman later, as there appears to be maybe a “causal connection” with Kyle's assassination. Yes, Kyle was assassinated, while Littlefield may have been taken down by “friendly fire”, that casualty of “WAR” commonly referred to as “collateral damage“. I don't believe Routh intended on shooting both men! See, one should never mess with Semper fidelis, always faithful, always loyal the few, the proud”. Supposedly, Routh was like every other damn soldier upon returning back home after “deadly” duty, disenchanted which allows pain & suffering while under the influence of PTSD. Yes, that Country Joe McDonald side effect - “I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag! Like the “bends”, it takes time to adjust back to reality. It is sad when some returning home think there is more chaos on American streets then streets found in places like Hallel-Fallujah? So Kyle's decompression therapy called for a prescription of taking soldiers so affected with the “Post” out to a shooting range, maybe to vent frustrations. That was the reason supposedly that Routh was in the company of Kyle and Littlefield the day of the assassination. Maybe that worked for this “American Snipper”, boom, boom and more booms. But what if, say that day during “target practice” the discussion turned to Obama bashing? Remember, Routh was still considered a soldier, at the time of the killing spree he was still held to that “Semper Fidelis”. And that means protecting the Commander-in-Chief. It could have been the tipping of the cart, maybe enough was enough and Routh thought he had to once and for all shut Kyle up, because of derogatory remarks against the President? Maybe there came threats, as Kyle had no qualms threatening Ventura. Maybe the “targets” used for practice at the “Rough Creek” range that day excited a back-ground image of “Zombie Obama”, readily available from the Internet, through places like Red Jacket Firearms – where “Suns of Guns” the pervert rapist hangs out before being filmed for “Discover Reality”! It's a “shooting” range, a “Texas” shooting range, reeking with testosterone! So if I were Routh's attorney, I would use that as my argument. Look, Kyle and Littlefield are not around to defend themselves, just like what we found out in Sanford & Ferguson – my word against your “missing” word how convenient. And no other witnesses to testify. It doesn't make the killing OK – well maybe if there came actual threats against Obama, it would be justified, Hey, “if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit”. So, I would fight for NOT premeditated, but take a stand, “Stand My Ground” - that I was just doing my duty to protect the “Commander-in-Chief”. Imagine what this would prove if Routh was set free, based on his conviction to protect Obama and finds a jury sympathetic to that “conviction” that would accept it as a plausible defense! It would bring an entirely different shadow over all the “Hate” rhetoric that follows Obama. Wow, maybe this defense could bring a diminished sentencing and then Obama could “Pardon” Routh? But there may be other reasons as to why Routh open fired on Kyle, and I still hold the same sentiment with this second theory – that Littlefield was an innocent bystander casualty. What if Routh was part of a conspiracy that was going after a faction, a “seek & destroy” mission targeting a piece of the military that was corrupt? What if this was a “premeditated” killing, dedicated to a “Code RED”? Like was the focus of “A Few Good Men”. Let us not forget that this nation's greatest American soldier hero the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq - a guy named Pat Tillman. Tillman was an NFL football player but decided after 911 that he could better serve his country in the “Theater” then on the field, so was soon in uniform and fighting in Afghanistan for a salary that was way short what he was receiving as a linebacker and safety for the Arizona Cardinals. And like unheard of in this day and age and reminiscent of World War II camaraderie, his brother also signed up, placing a baseball career on the sidelines and was allowed to accompanying Pat on deployment details – yes brother covering brother – talk about heroic! But Tillman was assassinated, and even with all the cover-ups and inquiries and investigations following his death in Afghanistan back in 2004, to this day we still have not an accurate concrete account that justifies what really went down in that canyon in Sperah. It was NOT through an enemy attack as was originally reported, but a cover-up that finally acknowledged it was a “Friendly Fire” shooting. Yet, even though Tillman was killed by another soldier, to this day even with high-tech forensics we are left looking for answers. But it was also acknowledged that there was a “Sniper” squad not far behind and for some unknown reason following the “Tillman” brothers' convoy, like in pursuit, unknown to the convoy of Army Rangers. Yes, a SEAL “sniper” team covering Tillman & Company's tracks? And the forensics from reliable sources have said that it was a lethal head wound, that took down Tillman and was more likely then not anAmerican Sniper's” marksmanship workmanship! Now Pat was also very outspoken about the war and other rumors have it that Tillman was very close to finding Osama Bin Laden – his main goal and mission and was very close to the end of his career – as he was stateside bound, so this may have been his last mission - with Osama running for his life. But with the “convoy” targeted, some believe it allowed Bin to escape deeper into the mountainous network of underground escape tunnels that allowed the coward to retreat – once again a safe haven. So, maybe the SEALS wanted that glory, which they would receive some years latter when a raid was successful by SEAL Team 6, in 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This was the ultimate prize, capturing Bin Laden. So, maybe there is a “frat” like attitude amongst the “elite”, and somebody didn't like that sort of camaraderie that was “Tillman's” modus operandi. And for those that feared talking negatively about the “Conflicts” but found that a “True Patriotic” sentiment from their trial & tribulations “In Theater, and that supported the Commander-in-Chief's view also, maybe that found an inner circle of “Code RED” enthusiast - and maybe some said enough was enough and did indeed take matters onto their own hands. Yes, maybe Routh was just carrying out a “Red CODE”, always faithful, always loyal the few, the proud”! But, for most Americans, Colonel Jessup speaks his peace on the "TRUTH"!
U.S. Marine Corporal Eddie Ray Routh was discharged “Honorably” from the United States Marine Corp in June of 2013, for 7-years of “Honest & Faithful” service. 

And when a turd like Ted “I Shit In My Pants” Nugent is out rallying up support, and getting support from wannabe “snipers”, remember this. Nugent admits to “shatting in his draws” to be considered unfit for “DUTY” during the Vietnam WAR – a genuine “Draft Dodger”. A “Few Good Men”, that's the true “TEST” today! Tillman, Routh, Ventura or the Kyle, Nugent and Will Haydens?

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