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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Alaskan Herniatosis#2

I just got home from the “Emergency Room”, due a hernia from way too much laughter, about Alaska Governor Bill Walker talking with Frank MurCowardski and Bill Sheffield over the budget deficit. The doctor said cool it with the laughter! But I can't help it. See Walker said it is not at the crisis stage yet, even though the Juneau brats forecast oil at $100 for there extravagant lifestyles and today, well oil is at $45-bucks and bucking for a deficit challenge! Hey, if you need advice from Frank or Bill, it is a crisis in the making! How come Walker didn't call Sarah, as SarahPAC has an intern named Jarred Lee, that is an expert on step stools for lifting things up – so maybe he can help with Alaska's economy. But I might have to visit the “ER” once again, as I had another laughter convulsion and my groin! See, this time around it was a laugh over Walker talking about talking with the Alaska Rail Road officials the last 3-years about hauling natural gas to Fairbanks, as a temporary fix. See, things are bad in the interior, even with the price of oil dropping and allowing the residence to anticipate a 17% drop in the GVEA executive salaries. But the air pollution is killing people, from burning Joe Uselessbelli's bad coal! Anyway, Walker wants a temporary fix, I guess by hauling “natural gas” to Fairbanks, with the assistance of Casey Jones. OK. So that means a plant to turn the gas into liquid right? So where does that come from? And there ain't no such thing as an “LNG” rail car, not yet even in the approval stage here in United States. Sure there are a few prototypes in Germany, but it starts with 1st Class rail systems getting approval first, then down the line. I think the ARR is narrow minded gage, so will never see approval. So approval here in the state to use an LNG rail car, well you could probably build that $65-Billion LNG project sooner, maybe cheaper then the rail proposal as we finally realized with the “LNG Truck” fiasco! More pipe dreams. The only way to lesson the burden of high energy costs along with deadly air pollution for the interior, an electric grid from Prudhoe Bay along the Dalton Highway. Costly? Of course, but why not spend money for something that works instead of going “Dutch” with worthless projects that never get off the shelf? See maybe Walker looked under “LNG Train”, and found all this information about “Trains”. But an “LNG TRAIN” has nothing to do with Casey Jones. Bottom-line, bite the bullet and build an electrical power plant with grid, end of story. The only thing the Alaska Rail Road is good for, well they can sell $18-billion in bonds to build a dream, but maybe that loot has already been swindled away! Please Goobernor, NO more laughs.....

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