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Saturday, January 17, 2015

PollyWOG Theory

Wow, I was just rummaging through some old testaments of Issac Newton and came across the “PollyWOG” Theory. “PollyWOG” in the sense of a sailor who has not yet crossed the equator. Because when “Sailor Sam” tried to make that crossing, he was caught in what appears to be a “Time Domain Refractive Index” gravity, which set him back. This is amazing! See, if one constructs a “zero inertia” rigid disk with a radius which equates to the distance that light would travel in a single second circumference wise, 47713451.59237 meters to be precise or 1/8 the distance from earth to the moon, and if this disk was attached at its center moment to a penny arcade motor turning at 1 Revolution/Second, no problem and “Sailor Sam” yells “Rum Ahoy”. Now take a nose goober, and place it at the outer limits of this disk, stick it to it. Sure a “goober” will do just fine this experiment, don't need any of them fancy mass particles, like squawks! Now “Start Your Engine” - well low and behold that goober is not allowed to approach the speed of light and is caught in a “Time Domain Refractive Index” like gravity, which has basically pulled the mass of the goober back to the center of the “Universe” so no universal rules are violated. That “TDRI” seems to fool with Pi, just like how light is fooled when passing through glass, it slows down. So, what we learn from this experiment is that you may be sitting in that same seat but as time transpires, it ain't the same seat place wise, but it is getting closer to the center of the “Universe” with each passing second. Else, our sitting existence would breach the never ether and there would be no tomorrow – which means the “Flat Earth” theory may hold some water, over the edge is a reality! And no I didn't need a multi-billion dollar superconducting super-collider or Hardon accelerator to figure this out, I was just sitting there reading Newton's “Principia” when, well my apple started to rot!

Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, the only book needed to understand the "Universe"

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