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Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear Barack My Friend

Dear Barack My Friend;

How in hell does House Speaker John Boehner get away with inviting Netanyohoo over to this country, on your watch and without prior approval? Does Boehner think he is “King”? I mean, with all the security that must be made available, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers, this seems to be a far stretch of the “Sense of Congress”. And isn't this a violation of the “eviction” clause found in that “Oath” he takes upon arrival to control the 114th's cry-babies? But I have reason to believe that John isn't well. And it isn't a new symptom that brings me to that conclusion as it appears to have started up and show the side effects about mid-2010. Wow, coincidence or not, that is when the “Health Care Reform” started to take shape and there came a 10% tax on tanning booths! And didn't Boehner and Yoho think of this as a “racist tax”? So maybe this is causing Boehner to behave out-of-whack, as maybe he feels what it is like to be subject to prejudices. Anyway, maybe someone should caution the “Speaker” on the adverse effects of too much artificial “sun”. But if I were his boss, I would fire his ass for that invite and placing America in harms way – I think it is called “Treason”! But it is your call, I can only offer an opinion, some advice as to how “we on the outside” see things, a totally different perspective. And any headway on an “Executive Order” to release Pete Rose from “Torture”? Hasn't he suffered enough pain & suffering from being denied his place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame? And look at what is happening in the other sports. See, when Belichick and Brady decided to deflate the footballs, my stock collapsed. So it has far reaching negative constipational consequences, and they just laugh it off. So please reconsider freeing Pete, he deserves it. And as far as Boehner, the other night at the “State”, his face tan was so damn dark, he blended in with the leather chair – like an invisible “Speaker”! I know you couldn't see it like the rest of us “Proletariats” saw it, from far away, so I provided a shot – please get a laugh, but it appears to be a serious problem for Boehner - would he really hold a grudge just because you set a tax for health reasons? Sad, if all the reasons he will not work with your agenda is based on a silly tax. As a suggestion, since you still have a little time left in office, maybe the “Speakers” chair could be re-upholstered, in “white leather”. And what about those guys from “Princeton” that have volunteered to take the spanking for that blogger! Was that really in Saudi, I didn't think they believed in “Torture”, maybe beheading. But it is good to see a few “Good Samaritans” come forward as a means of protest and take some of the punishment. And I heard that George and Dick are considering the same “Good Samaritan” gesture, as a means of boosting their “Humanitarian Standing” by allowing themselves to be “water-boarded”, so some of them prisoners down in Gitmold realize we care about their well-being. America, wow, what a country. Anyway, thanks for doing one hell of a job, even with all the hurdles. In my book, you will go down as the “best of the best” in my lifetime, seriously. But please, before my time is up, I want to visit that “Hall of Fame” and give a salute to Pete, it is the only thing in my “Bucket List”. And another thing, it is so genuine to see a “Real First Family” for a change, something America was missing for way too many years. Even with the “First wife and green lipstick” stuff, it takes some of the seriousness out of the routine doom and gloom we are forced to live with, because John has “sun-stroke”!

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