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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flea Bargain Speech

I don't know what was more “Un-Patriotic” with resepct to Barack Obama's “State of the Union”, Shigella's after the fact commentary or Mr. Frivolous taking a bow during this ceremony of national importance. Look, I respect Obama above and beyond and even though this speech was disappointing, the 44th will go down in the history books as one of this nation's greatest achievers. Sure it will take time for novices to understand what he did under the influence of a “Do Nothing” Congress, at least future generations will have a token to appreciate. But his speech was not as powerful, he is a tired man from having to work under such demanding times – and of course being “black” has not helped the cause. The reason John Boehner shows up “darker” than Obama, a subliminal message. Wow, the “House Chambers”, bigger then the Senate kindergarten room, so this is where all those powerful “State” speeches take place. See, it can accommodate both the House and Senate members and a whole lot of in-betweenness. But how did Mr. Frivolous get an invite, as I must admit he is the most “UN-Patriotic” person standing on American soil today! See, if I slip and fall at a Target and sue for negligence, in any “settlement offer” I would have to agree to stay off that property, forever banned from shopping at a “Target” or any affiliate. Now when I call out Mr. Frivolous for being “UN-Patriotic” and a fraud, I am talking about Alan Gross, the guy that Obama was instrumental in freeing from a Cuban prison – after 5-years or so of incarceration. At least he wasn't at Gitmold! Yes, a release as part of United States and Cuba starting to talk turkey about trade relationships. Like Obama has pointed out, sanctions have not worked for 50-years, and Cuba is our neighbor! But when Gross arrived back on “Old Glory” soil, he already had a cast of scum-bag lawyers that tried to flip Uncle Sam a $60-Million dollar “Frivolous” lawsuit, a ransom note, attesting to words too the effect that “We” didn't warn Gross how dangerous it was down there, so are negligent and should pay up? Can you imagine what kind of precedent this would spell, for all those “Mercenaries” for hire now on the Crapwater payroll? See, Gross was down there on some religious pilgrimage, in the name of some false god, trying to sneak in an “Internet” where that kind of communications was banned. Yes, a ways and means for the “People” to hear from the “Outside” what is going on when subject to a dictatorship, so there was merit in what Gross was trying to do, except for the religious aspect and not sanctioned by our government. Yes, suing Uncle Sam for $60-Million in lost wages, lost freedoms for some off the wall reasoning. He broke the Castro law, so was castrated! But Obama went out of his way and got his ass out of jail after the company Mr. Frivoluos was involved with already spent $7-million without any resolution! So, then Obama is hit with a law suit. In all honesty, when Gross was released from that Cuban prison, his only ride home should have been a quick trip over to “Gitmo”, as a prisoner! So, lucky for US, the Justice Department Court quickly ruled in our favor, that the lawsuit was frivolous – end of story NOT. See, then came the appeals from Gross and his wife, as he was now a free man courtesy of Obama so could fight it in the courts. Now Uncle Sam decided this idiot was not going away, so cut the loses by figuring out what it would cost to continue litigating against this frivolous ransom, as why in hell should the U.S. Taxpayers be responsible for this assholes vagrant disregard by placing himself in harms way? So Uncle Sam decided it best to settle, and Gross ran off with $3.2-Million - your money! So my only reasoning as too why he showed up at Obama's “State” and showed his UN-patriotic mugshot, was due a “Flea Bargain” agreement with the “Settlement”. Maybe part of that agreement was an invite, to embargo this nation with respect to “Patriotism”. But this was truly an “UN-Patriotic” moment in history with respect to “State of the Union” speeches. Yes, the untold story. But this “Chamber” it holds close to 800-people, 435-House representatives and 100-Senators, many senile. Plus wives, friends, escorts, you name it. But when such is assembled, it is the “Wealthiest American Room”, a.k.a. “WAR”! The wealth that was sitting in that room, it is mind-boggling. Not just the net-worth of the $millionaires$ club, but the influence this body has through the “Hobby Lobby” to hold off any re-distribution of that “wealth” - the reason very few GOP members stood to cheer when Obama talked about “Tax” reductions for the “Middle Class” and finally some semblance of a fare “Tax” against the wealthy – which includes that body! In all honesty, I feel left-out, as that body has shown its true “color” time and time again – it ain't interested in the “Middle Class” except with the trickle down wilted down theory. Give to the rich, take some for themselves, then give the leftovers to the lower class. Filet mignon to rib eye to burger enhanced with saw-dust and rat hair. Look, we have no longer a “Middle Class”, just a 1% followed by “Congress” followed by a “low life” class all on its own. And here is the sad fact of the matter. When Obama talks about an equitable and “fair fare” tax on “All the People”, of course it means a re-bate for the “Salt of the Earthers”, but for some reason still bothersome the “GOP” sees that as a “re-distribution”? Look, it was my money to begin with, so I don't understand your argument. So all in all, good job again Mr. President. But you still have your work cut-out for you. And I apologize for that idiot on FOX that yelled out “Spook”, just a few seconds into your speech – how rude, how racist. But you must be acclimated to it by now. Then the news about the New England Patriot's and deflated footballs found attention, well it deflated the “Speech” as we are more interested in football and Super Bowel Sunday then what is going on with government. See, Congress is on a constant “Tailgater”, and we are somewhat jealous. Anyway, I guess with the “Deflation” the GOP had to beg and borrow for a rebuttal witness, and that's when Mrs. Shigella was given the stage and the microphone. Wow, see this is great. When Michele Bachmann left the Congress, so did all the hilarious diarrhea of the mouth become a legend and I started missing that – as laughter is still the best Medicare and since it was way too long before most Americans found affordable health care, listening to Congress did provide a cheap remedy for many ailments – the laughter was a subsidiary of a Congress so jealous a President trying to do what was right for what was left of the “Middle Class”. So Mrs. Shigella started poking fun at Imelda Marcos, for having 3000 pairs of shoes and then we found out that when Shigella was a little girl, she had to place bread-bags over her feet and fill the bags with crude oil, to keep her feet from freezing when on the bus to school. The reason she wants Obama to pass the Keystone cops pipeline project, pronto! Look, Mrs. Shigella, I used to walk 2-miles to school, in New England, with converse – so what's the problem? But what was rather peculiar and also another sign that “Patriotism” is on the fall and Fascism on the takeover, during Shigella's speech, within 20-seconds of the 10-minute broadcast FOX cut-off the American flag! So, what in hell has happened to this once great nation, as “Divided we fall”! But in all reality, are we going to “WAR” again? I hope not, as when we have “American Snipers” being murdered by kids that have seen the horrors of War close-up and go beserk because they get “bullied” by these same snipers that were far away from the action, something is wrong with “WAR”. Yes, when the effects of WAR, the effects of PTSD hits home, we must change our evil ways and I did not see that “mission” as a mandate during last night's speech. Yet “Wounded Worriers” continues to beg for help, for those that fort so brave. When we see organizations like the “Wounded Worrier Foundation” no longer a necessity, then we have realized what it takes in the aftermath of “WAR”. Until such time, we deserve not another theater of “WAR” to play, in this case the “Wealthiest American Room” has no clue what is going on, except maybe spending their days “counting” how much the “WAR MACHINE” has increased their net-worth and wanting another war and another war and some more war and the hell with how it ruins so many!

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