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Friday, January 16, 2015

Swines of Freedom

An interesting “Litmus Test” recently challenged “Wall Street” against “Ordinary Americans”. The challenging question; “Is the world better off today?” According to the “Majority” questioned that calls “Wall Street” their home wherein J.P. Morgan finds more credibility then a U.S. President, the answer was a definitive “NO” - the world is not better off and this sentiment was based solely on their “portfolio” value, nothing else entered the equation except their wealth standing, as net worth is deteriorating with the unexpected drop in crude oil prices. So “NO” was the answer! It was all based on the $$$$$$. When asked about the Paris “Terrorist” attacks, again it shifted to nothing else except how that day affected the stock market. “Swines of Freedom”? On the other side of the coin, with the “Ordinary Americans”, which includes republicans to democrats to Tea-Party followers to Sarah Palin followers to no preference at all the political scene - just all ordinary people - that same question of “Is the world better off today” found a smörgåsbord of defining factors, not just the $$$$$. It included the economy as it is understood by the “Ordinary Folks” to world problems as that is understood by the “Ordinary Folks” to human-right abuse as that is consumed and understood by the “Ordinary Folks” to concerns upon protracted “WARS” to effects of global warming to terrorists seizing the moment. And the overall consensus, it appeared to be a better off world, even with all of the ingredients defiant a better standing – like there was still “Hope”. That's all it takes, that all walks of life continue with the “HOPE”. Chimes of Freedom. But when we have a faction that barricades itself behind closed “WALLS” and gives not a rat's ass about anything but the “Almighty Buck”, it doesn't stop there!

"J.P., the man who refused to smile!"

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