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Monday, January 5, 2015

Friends of Pests APB

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: Friends of Pests is accepting donations so we can buy Sarah Palin a “step-stool” for her son “Trig”. It is sad when the SarahPAC has run to empty and the Palin family can no longer even afford a step-stool, instead of relying on the family dog to elevate sonny. Test Your Snowdin: Who has spent more money on makeup, the Palin girls or Tammy Faye Bakker? Anyway, from Sarah's plastered chatter from Lake Willbesoongone, poor dog! I mean, in comparison “Trig” looked about as big as Fido so what pain are the “animal rights” activists complaining about, as I enjoy someone of equal weight during back stabbing therapy. And yes, just ask any professional ventriloquist about this kid climbing upon the dog's spine, it is a violation of Alaska's very own tough “Minimum Standards of Care for Animals” ~ AS 03.55.100 - (2) providing an environment compatible with protecting and maintaining the good health and safety of the animal. If only dogs without delay this SarahCRAP episode should be investigated and the parents should be cited, as how long has it gone on and will it continue? Look, eventually it will weaken Fido's will to remain a Palin fan, then it means joining the “homeless”. But Sarah knows how to promote the fact she's broke through the subliminal messaging, by using animals so we must come to her rescue, at least for her son's sake and the donation will also allow the dog's spine to be spared. But it is amazing, as when she gets caught at anything irregular how quickly her defense mechanism resorts to some how or another getting Barack Obama involved - so he can absorb the blame. She has found the ultimate “curve” ball, and fortunate for us it was one that McCain couldn't even hit. But she is still pretty good, with the “curves”! No, not her body language! Talk about sports, as just what in “spirit” has become of our once great nation? It appears that the “Narcissist Society” is alive and well today, something that was sanctioned with Palin becoming an overweight success and today, even though Sarah's punch-line has found less and less attention, it may take years for some to wean away from using her legacy as a lullaby for animal cruelty. Case in point is the lame decision of Douglass High down in Oklahoma to challenge its game lose with Locus Grove, in a court battle! This is pathetic – and finds the legal definition of “frivolous” being re-conditioned by that Palin “curve”, by faking out decency and respect. This attempt proves all “Trust” has all but vanished. When I grew up, love-it-or-leave-it, the umpire was always “right”. Sure the referees can make mistakes, that is what keeps it somewhat exciting. But at one time I thought it was the “Greed Factor” that was circumcising our philosophy, that sports were supposed to be for the fun of it. When a referee makes a decision based on “The Rule Book” and that causes a team to loose a critical game, so be it. If the “Rule” was broken and causes a penalty which causes a team to loosetime for a good shower! But in the Douglass/Loucus Grove case, the coach along with irate parents decided to take the referees' decision to “Court”? Please, this is not the intent of the “justice” system by any stretch of the imagination. And instead of the “Court” just laughing at the case and rendering a decision consistent with “frivolous”, it rendered an “opinion”, which goes to show even judges feel it necessary to play out their narcissist fantasies. Had I been the “Judge” upon this case, when it hit the bench I would have been very angry and hoped to get some irate parents and or school officials and or coaches so irate, that maybe I could have found reason for “Contempt of Court” citations, just to get the point across that we need to uphold our justice system with some credibility – as it has eroded beyond recognition especially when “frivolous” crap finds entertainment by the “bench”. But with Sarah Palin, everything is a “calculated” move, especially now with the New Year and the 2016 political drama with the RNC starting to unfold – as she will be left out again. She realizes all too well what kind of posting will arouse and she already has her comeback, in this case with the animal cruelty, “At least Trig didn't eat the dog” - in reference to some absurd story about Barack Obama eating a dead dog? But the digs were at Obama for a reason, as had Sarah been elected along with McCain, maybe it would have been Sarah and Toad on a dinner date at the “Vintage Cave”, while vacationing in Hawaii – it's the jealousy thing as she was stuck in Wasillabilly for the holidays – which is OK if your definition of fine dining is Chick-fil-a “Take-out”! So with this most recent face-off so early in the season, appears that Sarah is still in the running for the title of “Narcissist Queen”, something she has bargained for, well ever since Tammy Faye decided eneough was enough! Just IN: VSPO arrests mom for animal abuse, for letting her son step on dog's tail!

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