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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I See Snipers!

Here we go again, Clint Eastwood seeing imaginary things. Why does his audience laugh, as this may be a sign of “Alzheimers” - he's 151-years old! Today Eastwood talks to imaginary “Snipers”. Poor man, age is catching up to his “Gran Torino” ass. I used to like Clint, like when he played “Josey Wales” and was a sniper that killed American soldiers that tortured innocent Indians. But when he started using the cinema for political aspirations, well that's why we have seen an onslaught of monsters – wannabes like Sarah Palin, Mike Hucklebees, can't keep their traps shut and reaching for the stars - more like the “Outer Limits” is within reach. That 10-minutes claim to fame on re-wind steroids. Look, it's free speech – but isn't there a law against “bad breath”? Now talk about morning breath, as Sarahstein thanks Jarred Lee for trying to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords – her comeback kid style to trump Michael Moore's dissatisfaction with “Monsters” and “Imaginary Snipers”! According to Palin's most recent bad-breath-burp, “God Bless our troops, especially our snippers”. Jarred Lee Loughner was a “snipper” by definition: Somebody who shoots people from a concealed position. Including a crowd of innocent bystanders. Here is my take on all this gun-slinging about the “American Sniper”. First and foremost, take away the “American” label, as it is not deserving our “mission accomplished” who we really are – killers and liars! We entered into the theater of war without reason and without hesitation – this is not what “WAR” is supposed to be about and the reason we still see NOT an official declaration of such from Congress. It isn't war, in fact our actions are against the wishes of the “Constitution”, as too declare such it requires debates, and therein the cat would be let out of the bag – that the “WAR” of today is for business greedings - not out of necessity. WAR contributes to the economy in “Almighty” ways, then some. I witnessed first-hand how we were engaged in battle for the money aspect, everybody was looking for a handout, right here in Alaska. Over at Ft. Richardson which borders Elmendorf AFB, I would watch as shiny new “Armoured Personnel Carriers” would be loaded onto rail cars, for a ride down to the docks wherein this equipment would be off-loaded again onto ships headed for Kuwait in the war against Iran. It employed many railroad bosses, who “drink up your blood like wine”, as they are swine! Sad thing, there was a back road from the joint-bases down to the docks, but that meant cutting out the railroad. It sucked and soon apparent that this appetite for war abroad was for the “Almighty Buck”! Then I would see the same procession on the return trip, but this time around no new fancy “APCs”, but blood-stained wrecks because we sent our young kids off to war without the proper armament and protection. We are so in a hurry for the Daddy Warbucks' check that we give not a rat's ass, well we provide inferior equipment for our troops in boots. “Stall the war, not on my watch! Up in Fairbanks, at Ft. Wainwright there is a “bone-yard”, of APCs blown to smithereens by IEDs because we didn't “harden” the undercarriages which the enemy found as a weakness, it is sickening. I was a friend with the first Alaskan “Marine” that died from an IED ambush, he was a barista-extradeneur and made one hell of a cup of coffee – he was a hero but killed because we didn't care! Sure it could have been fixed, but that takes money and the distribution of “WAR BUCKS” is inversely proportional to the true mission and directly proportional to the profits required by defense contractors. Have any idea how many $millionaires$ the Bush and Bush wars have produced? And to see all those young kids with prosthetics, they like -50 because them legs can withstand the cold. But try to find work? And what does Sarah Palin know, except a deadlier weapon upon innocent Americans is her “narcissists” upbringing. Look, Chris Kyle was not a “Coward”, he was a victim. Bush and Cheney were the “WARLORD” cowards, for converting this kid into a monster. Yes, created by the Bush “WAR MACHINE” mentality. Had Bush found some semblance of a human-being within, we would not have gone engaged in these protracted “WARS”. These “WARS” are not for good of country, but good for business. The reason Congress does not object to a continuation of the Bush PNAC Doctrine – time to takeover and that keeps our economy going. Have any idea how much of our economy relies on the “WAR MACHINE”? You don't want to know as it indicates there is no way out of this dilemma, wherein “WAR” is required to keep us out of a depression! I would rather have it all come tumbling down, then we can start over – and first on the agenda a “WAR CRIMES” tribunal, as we sure could fill up the prisons fast and furiously. And now we have this movie that talks about how “Kyle the Gangland Sniper” was on the Sunni hit list? Look, every damn kid that has come home in a box was on that same “hit list”, so where's the credit due? And I would bet that Kyle was killed due his “Killer Instinct” attitude, and may have seen action, but close up not his game. Unlike many that were in it close like “Black Hawk Down”, Kyle was many yards away from his targets. Just what in hell are we trying to “Glorify”? First there was the “Assassination Interview” and now we have the “Sniper”, NO I won't apply the American label to such nonsense. Look, the autobiography about Kyle the “Sniper” was a “LIE”, the courts have awarded Jesse Ventura damages, because of the slanderous lies that were cast in print in the book about the pathetic life of a modern day “Bully” soldier. Yes, Jesse Ventura a one-man ARMY has destroyed the Kyle legacy, once upon a time a brave SEAL himself and who is very outspoken about the “back home abuse” our men and women in uniform are subject to - in my book he is a “True Hero”! So I am glad that Ventura took Kyle down for the count, to protect the “SEAL Institution” against such abuse. Jesse doesn't need the loot from winning a court appointed verdict based upon Kyle telling lies, it was the principle involved. And Ventura is a “Straight Shooter”. So we all know that Clint can make money on invisible characters, and that is what we have before us today, merely an invisible character that suffered from the effects of his bullying attitude. The only thing this movie promotes is the fact that the “War MACHINE” lives on, and with an erection year soon upon us, it riles the feathers of those bent on keeping the “War MACHINE” going, as without it many would have to work for a living. Here's the kicker, it can only last so long, as our thirst for blood is letting this nation down the path of infrastructure deterioration when we have a faction that is in it for the loot only. And the longer Congress allows it to continue on without a “Declaration of WAR”, it continues to demand our doom as a nation - “WAR” is killing not only our young kids in boots but determination of who and what we are as defined by the “Constitution”. Sickening, that it would come too this. In ending, words of wisdom from Ventura that should be taken to “HEART PURPLE” status:

I will criticize President Obama on this level: it's a good thing I'm not president because I would prosecute every person that was involved in that torture. I would prosecute the people that did it. I would prosecute the people that ordered it. Because torture is against the law. [King: And you were a Navy SEAL] That's right and I was SERE school, Survival Escape Resistance Evasion [sic]. It was a required school you had to go to prior to going into the combat zone, which in my era was Vietnam. All of us had to go there. We were all in essence, every one of us was waterboarded. It is torture. [King: What was it like?] It's drowning. It gives you the complete sensation that you are drowning. It's no good, because you—I'll put it to you this way, you give me a water board, Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate murders. ... If it's done wrong, you certainly could drown. You could swallow your tongue. [It] could do a whole bunch of stuff to you. If it's done wrong or—it's torture, Larry. It's torture. I am perplexed over the agenda this man[Chris Kyle] has and why a fellow Navy Seal [sic] would tell a lie about an event that never happened.

Clint demonstrating to “Imaginary Sniper”(sitting in chair) the length of his “Sniper Rifle” used in Josey Wales to kill U.S. Brigade soldiers!

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