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Friday, January 6, 2017

Fingers Crossed

Friday, January 6th, 2017: Today the 115th Congress meets to open the casket - the old wooden moldy mildewed boxes that contain the "Electoral College" vote. That casket procession should have been by now postponed, due all the conflict with the Russian Federation "hack" job. But with a run-amuck 115th republican led Maggie's Farm con-artist they are gang of rapist, they don't know when to stop as their crime spree finds no bounds. See, many members of Congress realize already that ZDonald Tyrump will take the honors for the shortest lived U.S. Presidency of record. He is insane, no doubt about it. But instead of placing ahead of schedule a "Time Out", they know they can get their selfish miss-guided legislation passed in only a few days time following the "swearing in" on January 20th - that "Inauguration" so objected by a "majority" of Americans. But there is hope, still. At the same time that Congress is picking their nose and counting the ballots, ZDonald "Tower Maggot" Tyrump is meeting with Obama's "Intelligence Community", the same that was called to order by John McCain - just yesterday. Wherein we learned that Sean Hannity kisses Julian Assange's ass, and is probably this nation's worse comes to worst of "Turncoats". McCain called the Russian Federation election interference all out "WAR", and we do nothing to arrest the perpetrators? Look the Tyrump was an accomplice this act of "Treason". But when ZDonald meets with those in the know, I am hoping that what they tell him is that "We the People Denied" have the goods on him and he best resign or else be held to face charges of "Treason", under the "Espionage Act". So, I am hoping that by the close of Congressional business today, that we see ZDoanld Tyrump being taken away in handcuffs, and the same with Mike Pence. Or else a "Resignation" speech. This is NOT wishful thinking - as this is how our Founding Fathers would have performed when individuals of power have placed the fantasy of  a Vladimir Putin in front of "Patriotism. In fact, rewind back 200-years and instead of preparing the Washington Square for an inaugural ceremony, the crews would be setting up the gallows, for a hanging! Somebody in the Tyrump camp knew what was going on an "aided and abetted" the enemy. ZDonald Tyrump is on record asking for help from "Russia with Love". And today we know that desire came true - seek and you shall receive from the Kremlin. Not that his request for help changed the outcome of the 2016 election, just the fact that ZDonald Tyrump practiced actions that are against the grain of what this nation is all about. When was "Sleeping with the Enemy" acceptable? If we let down our guard again, like with Bush verses Gore, then we as a nation are doomed. Did not we learn from that mistake? So, to the 65-million strong "Patriotic Americans", keep your fingers crossed, as even though time may be running out for Obama, the evidence is growing that ZDoanld Tyrump is NOT fit for duty. But do we have a Congress that cares about the meaning of our bible, the U.S. Constitution? We shall see as if by the end of this day ZDonald Tyrump and company is still "Free" to sleep with the enemy, then your freedoms have been hijacked as a nation that cannot arrest this "Treason" it cannot survive the test of time. And maybe today's "Top Stories" as depicted below paints a picture worth a thousand sad words, as from a statesmen like Barack Obama to that middle-man...what we are up against with a ZDonald Tyrump personality.

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