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Friday, January 6, 2017

Breitbarf Twitter

I am on the Breitbart contact list of "Deplorables". See, I pissed off John Podesta during the 2016 election because of an article I post-plastered in "this BLOG Kill's Fascists" titled "More Heat". As payback I found my private e-mail "hacked" and now I get all this crap - erectile dysfunction remedies, Fred Thompson "Reverse Mortgage" scams and some asshole from Panama that wants my credit card information so he can fix my computer. I keep asking for his address, so I can go shit in his face. I know it was John that instigated this because some guy named Igor informed me of the breach. So I get all of Donald Trump's 3am "Enlarged Prostate" rant-n-rage "Secret Twitters"! Yes secret, because all those "Squirts" I get as "Urgent - Incoming" have another link associated, different then what one sees if monitoring the Donald's madness on the mainstream news' media links. Yes rather odd. Check it out what comes attached to my Breitbarf "Auto Messaging"! NOTE: That "мотыга" means "hack" in Vladimir speak.

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