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Friday, January 6, 2017

Tillerson's S.O.S. Oath

Bring pleas for the Tillerson 
Fake US all out 
Swine for the Tower who made US insane  
Woody sing our blues away 
'Cause while the sinners sin, the children cry 
Oh Lord how they cry and cry 
For that once happy day, for that once happy day

“I, Rex "pekc" Tillerson an Ex-EXXON CEO and recipient of the Russian Federation's  Vladimir Putin "Order of Friendship", do solemnly swear that I will support and defend my Constituents of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

Of course, if ordained Rex "рекс" Tillerson will not fail his constituency this obligation "to defend and bear true faith and allegiance without purpose of evasion" - the shareholders of EXXON. Tillerson exonerated himself by retiring from EXXON with an estimated $180-Million benefit package, so he can faithfully fulfill his duties. See, he didn't get a lump sum from Lee Raymond's safe, as with most CEOs that "Golden Handshake" is based on future performance - the reason many CEOs retire just to become a lobbyist for the cause. It is like a game for retiring CEOs, as best do your best to hoodwank the Wall Street to make sure all appears well on the horizon for your old fraternity. This is how it works, a pat on the back on the way out the door but help us out. See, Tillerson walked away with a reported $180000000 retirement package. So he has everything to loose and everything to gain, financially speaking depending on how the new administration views it all. From environmental issues to relationship sanctions, trade taxation, it all can affect the net-worth of Tillerson and his crony friends future wealth. I have stock in EXXON, so do you really think I want...I sold my EXXON portfolio when Joe Hazelwood ran "Hard Aground" on Bligh Reef back in 1989. Look, Hillary Clinton did the same damn thing with that "Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation" hidden trap door money trap. The main reason I did not vote for Hillary - Strike UNO was her continued friendship with an abuser. Strike UNO-UNO, the "Foundation". Strike UNO-UNO-UNO, she stabbed Bernie Sanders in the groin. Had Hillary just placed "Patriotism" ahead of selfish and self-centered dreams of a lifetime, Bernie would be only 15-days away from that Oval Office and would have been working in earnest with Barack for one smooth transition. And none of this spy-verses-spy crap would be holding our undivided attention and Trump supporters would have been happy back at their favorite pass-time, Big Time wrestle-mania. So best gage of the new ZDonald Tyrump administration, just watch the ticker-tape for XOM. On November 9th, sitting at 85 bucks per share. Today, closing at 89. So a 1-buck arrest on that XOM stock, it means a $2-million buck loss for the Tiller's son. But if a 5-buck gain, Tillerson's "golden handshake" award balloons another $10-million. And praytell that stock ever reaches a gain of 10-bucks, Tillerson can then buy two-more Mitt Romney like vacation mansions on Lake Winnipesaukee. So, IMAGINE...I am sure that the big stock holders of EXXON stock, they already have Tillerson's direct number. But Rex has to get through the quagmire of hearings run by a run-amuck republican Congress, but I am sure that many members of Congress own EXXON stock, and at those hearings about the only thing that will be heard is "hip hip hurray cha-ching cha-ching"! And how much EXXON stock is in the ZDonald Tyrump's Tower portfolio? And how much EXXON stock is in Vladimir Putin's portfolio. What goes around comes around - not when we are on a dead end street car called desire, I mean "Desolation Road". And that "Hip Hip Hurray Cha-ching Cha-ching"? New battle hymn of the Republic's elite. Look, now I'm paying for a wall I don't want. My augment still today this sore subject, the northern border is just as bad, especially between Alaska and Canada, as when nobody was looking the ownership of the 49er's military infrastructure was stolen away by Toronto Dominion. I am serious, the Canadians could poison the water supply and kill a bunch of American troops in boots - for real, not kidding! I just talked to a Tyrump supporting California farmer, who uses immigrants to pick the crops. He thought ZDonald was just kidding about this "Wall", as now he has to buy a bunch of expensive farm stuff that can harvest the fields. And I just talked to a wrestle-mania addict that voted for the "Tower Maggot", he thought the same, just kidding with repealing ObamaCare! If 2/3rds of the ZDonald Tyrump supporters went "Hoodwankered", well that brings the "minority vote" down to...OK, what we have coming before US, we will all be part of an experiment started long ago, and the "world" under a ZDonald Tyrump fantasy will be like a joy riding bad LSD trip. Yes, we will soon be part of the extended Henry Murray "needs" torture experiment, which started back in the 1960s at Harvard Yard. It is the same experimenting that gave us prominent names like Ted Kaczynski and many believe that Charles Manson was also a victim of this "needs" addiction withdrawal. In fact, several notable psycho-analysts have said that ZDonald Tyrump's mind works as a combination of the likes of a Kaczynski "brain" and at the same time a Manson like "brain". That "Left verses Right" syndrome, and thus the reason the confusion and a Unabomber Helter Skelter walking pneumonia personality phenomenon. Please don't panic as there is help on the horizon. At the same time these "mind game" experiments were going on at institutes of higher learning as part of a CIA "Manchurian Man" contest, a counter culture equivalent was also gaining popularity. Henry Murray had competition at Harvard, a guy named Timothy Leary - and it may be time to turn on and tune out, as that will soften the blow of what is in store for mankind with a ZDonald Tyrump presidency. Maggie's Farm ring a bell?

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