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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dear Paul Ryan

Dear Paul Ryan, 
GO FUCK YOURSELF. Then GO FUCK YOURSELF again, and on the way back GO FUCK YOURSELF again for a refresher course. And before you sit down, GO FUCK YOURSELF again for Auld Lang Syne! Now repeat the exercise. That would be 8 GO FUCK YOURSELF requests, the same amount of years you have been trying to FUCK OVER the legacy of one of the "Greatest United States Presidents" of modern times. Get over it, someday soon the history books will tell the truth of how inspirational Barack Obama was, and how the republican led Congress reneged on its duty. See, for the last 8-years any love bug affair, any love for "our" country unified has been sabotaged by your pathetic un-Patriotic views, actions and inactions your sworn duties. Didn't your dad Herman teach you the rules of the road, that protection of the Constitution is a bipartisan virtue - that which the past inebriated Congress has been so derelict upon, since 1999. As you waited for the opportune time to stab American in the groin, we have suffered many years with the back stabbing and if you had at least tried to work with Barack Obama, IMAGINE what could have been accomplished. He's a statesmen, he's a gentlemen, a recipient of the Nobel Peace prize - if you can't work with this genuine American Patriot, you are a lost cause. Don't try to tell me you tried, if so you didn't try hard enough. It has been by default a "One Black Man" show, but successful because so many "True Grit Patriotic Americans" by his side, I being one of those PATRIOTS! I would risk my life for Mr. Obama, would you? The only reason I find that you and the republican stronghold refuses to make compromise is the fact you are intimidated by a "Black Man". If he sat at the back of the bus, would that pacify your "white head" attitude? Hey, I'm "white", so hold your thoughts that this disgruntled opinion is just an extension of the "Brotherhood". Since the 106th Congress, that once great institute has failed miserably, to the point the American people should consider abolishing as it is a sicko-psycho  institute. Said again, we have gotten along fine the last 8-years without a Congress, get the point? See, when you are a member of a Do Nothing Congress, well nothing gets done and "We the People" suffer. Your attitude, show up for a few days each month, collect a handsome fortune and then practice asleep at the wheel as a profession? If the American worker practiced the same insane bad habits so enjoyed by your rank and style, it would mean "You're Fired"! Oh, and not to forget your favorite pastime passion, causing hate and discontent. It is like the EXXON Valdez all over again, year after year after year. Look, at least I can look back and realize that I worked my butt off for this nation - what do you have to show in that same category - NOTHING, so GO FUCK YOURSELF for the nth time. If we met face to face, what could you tell me with some degree of seriousness how you are an American - by what you have accomplished? Sad isn't it! I would send you an olive branch, no I won't. Someday I hope to hear you tell us the truth about Congress; "America, we are hard aground, again"! You're a douche-bag, a 1st Class douche. So don't speak for me and "MY Country 'Tis of Thee", as the way you have treated the sitting Commander-in-Chief, 200-years ago the Founding Fathers would have sent your ass to the gallows. But now that a Tower Maggot can push through your one-sided agenda, that which swings towards the "Society of Hatred", you and your cohorts in shame are out in full force with some FUCKED UP message that "we are all united by a love for our country"? That's sick! Yes, I love this country, for about 17-more days as your madness and ZDonald Tyrump's Bitch Haven groping attitude, it will cause riots in the streets from sea to shining sea - it is Beach Haven all over again. I work with a bunch of republican maggot supporting oil field "Turncoats", who think they are brave-heart worriers to some imaginable being and would kiss your ass and bend down to the Maggot. But when push comes to shove in the brutal Alaskan winters they run away like little puppy dogs - they must get their action plans of retreat from your office. When you divide the 65-Million "Majority" by the 62-Million "Minority", OK, the consensus is a divide by zero error and I get that every-time Putin invades my space. Remember, your boss said he's a smart guy! I apologize, maybe you meant the Russian populace has joined you and the Congress for this "Love In", as it sure ain't for the Real Americans. Don't you get it, the "majority" said NEY to the Tower Maggot, what is it you don't understand? In ending, yes GO FUCK YOURSELF as that is about the only thing the "Do Nothing" gets an "A" grade and with a Tower Maggot taking over the Oval Office, he will ask you to wipe his ass and since you are in love, you will oblige - please wash your hands before reaching out for the Constitution! In fact, leave it the hell alone.

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