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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

From Breitbarf - Trump Letter

Dear Donald John Trump;

I just received your "Secret Tweet" and I am in agreement with you over this Russian "Hack" crap finger-pointing and glad to see that you and Julian Assange on the same page. We should thank FOX's Hannity for bringing you and Julian together over this heated argument of who is right. I mean, can we really trust what is coming from Obama's intelligence - what intelligence hardy haha! It was most likely that 400-pound obese 14-year old with no friends and nothing better to do then cause problems. You gave him the challenge, he produced. I hope that on January 21st, on your list is a "Pardon" for Mr. being in line with your assessment of the "hack", like peas in a pod you two are. By the way, I  went to Harvard with a guy named "Trump", we were classmates and roomed together at the Henry Murray Fraternity, called the "Annex", any family relationship? Anyway, if you can honor a pardon for Assange and offer him asylum, I have a place he can stay until he gets back into the grove of things, free room and board. One last thing, any of that Russian caviar left over from that New Year's Eve bash, sure would like to try it out - must be nice having friends in high places. Happy New Year.

Thanks, Ted Lawful

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