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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

115th Congress - Day 1

The "Dab" - a body dance movement - now considered a contempt of Congress, no longer allowed under the 1st Amendment free speech clause!

Lawmaker's son grounded after 'dabbing' moment with Paul Ryan - "A newly sworn-in Republican lawmaker has grounded his son after the roguish teen tried to “dab” in front of House Speaker Paul Ryan – who thwarted the attempt. Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., was one of the new members of Congress sworn in Tuesday. But when it came to his moment, his son Cal – who was tasked with holding the Bible and standing between Marshall and Ryan – decided to “dab” for the picture. Dabbing is a dance move that involves dropping the head while raising the elbow, and looks like an aggressive sneeze. It’s often used as a celebration by athletes. Marshall responded to the tweet by assuring the speaker that his son had been grounded. A request for comment from on how long the scamp has been grounded for was not immediately returned by Marshall's office. And so ended the latest example of how dabbing and politics don’t mix.

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