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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

No Great Loss of Ethics

So the MSNBC crowd is up to Boring Joe Scudborough's armpits about the fact that the House rats plan on disrobing the "Office of Congressional Ethics". Calm down Rachel, take a deep breath, count to 10, have a pee! Wow, ZDonald Tyrump has just offered a  руб100 reward - Russian Federation Ruble equivalent of $1.65 - for information leading to the identity of the individual that let the New Year's Eve cat out of the baloney's bag! See, the Tower Maggot has finally agreed to a press-conference and wants Linda McMahon - his erectile dysfunction and enlarged prostate pick for the Administrator of the SBA as payback for her $6-million gift to the Tower "Charitable Orgasm" - to perform a WWE neck-hanging-tree maneuver instead of the Dissident-elect-reject answering questions, as critics have come to the conclusion he is clueless. So end-of-the-line it is for whomever gave CNN a video of the Maggie's Farm New Year's Eve bash that the Trump Family Charitable Organization charged $800-bucks apiece to attend. Really, Russian caviar a gift from Putin? And is it time to stand together corrected, as I thought only the "Homeless" lived off of "Charity". Hey, my fireworks were FREE! Wow, as we sang out: "The bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that Obama was still here". OK, for $800 you get to watch the "works" from indoors - how boring a $billionaires$ wife and wanting "black people's food"! But the fact that the 115th "New Congress" wants to Do Something so it is not suspiciously labeled another "Do Nothing" conspiracy, hey repealing a failed attachment makes sense. Since its inception back in 2008, the "Office of Congressional Ethics" has provided "We the People" nothing, as that office was dished out as merely a shield, a buffer that violators could gather around and laugh at us when we found reason to complain about "Congressional Ethics"! Don't believe me, how come Robert Menendez(Democratic Senator from "Joisey", 14-count criminal indictment this time last year) is still not behind bars - for political favor cronyism? Same thing with Tom Delay, the list goes on and on with ethic violations and what crime spree? Look, it was a worthless "Independent Agency" to begin with as the intent looked good from the outside, but take away the wrapper and you get more of the same insane crap from a Congress that - well it may be time to reassess the worth of that body of eunuchs. See, I tried to use that office for an ethics violation against the guy I voted for up in Alaska. See, Ted Stevens' political career was placed in the assassins  cross-hairs even before he was killed in a plane crash. First his buddies used their political influence to rob the longest sitting republican senate membership, to steal away his dedicated career as a statesmen. Then when he went disgruntled over the fact it was all a messy set-up and he was found NOT GUILTY, it was too late as he had been sent to pasture by his once dedicated constituency, well he was about to spill the beans on how the local IRS office that was conveniently located at Bill Allen's whore house in Anchorage...OK, what "Tax Problems", as things disappeared as it became a "Watergate" break-in affair that would have pardoned popped the real "Watergate" as merely a pimple. Yes, I have the evidence as my name was associated with a Fairbanks politician that...look, my problems disappeared because I was guilty by name association. Didn't even ask for any help, but some Bimbo called me and said it was a done deal - off the hook? But with my ethics complaint, I went through all the "They was takin' plaster tire tracks, footprints, dog-smellin' prints and they took twenty-seven 8 x 10 colored  glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explainin' what each one was, to be used as evidence against us. Took pictures of the approach, the getaway, the northwest corner, the Southwest corner...And that's not to mention the aerial photography! to attack Senator Mark Begich - who conveniently stepped into Ted's spot when the "Hulk" was being grilled by the FBI and the IRS was filmed taking away his teddy bears. But with Begich and the 111th, 112th and 113th Congress, it was the time that many members of Congress were using insider trading tips to enrich themselves and that boiled over to the staff. If you thought "K Street" was corrupt, our own Congress was just as bad maybe worse. See, the insiders were on the know of what "drugs" were soon to be approved by the FDA, so "Buy Low, Sell High" and make a ton of money. Outside influence peddling, it's against the law and a serious felony! But not for Congress. And here is what I found out. First and foremost, I could only file a complaint with the "Office" against the senator of the state I reside in as a registered voter. And I can only lodge a complaint against the senator of my registered party. See, I tried entering a complaint against the 111th House Speaker Pelosi, but that was a rejected due I was not a citizen of Baghdadi, I mean Californicate. So Pelosi's office gave me the evidence to go after Begich. See, if another member of the Senate brings an ethics violation against a sitting Senator, it then bypasses this "Office" and is supposed to make its way to the floor, wherein a trial is supposed to begin in earnest. But there is a complaint shredder that makes sure nothing happens as it is a Do Nothing Congress we have at our disposal - garbage in garbage out! So the system was set-up to allow for only direct attacks, by other members of Congress against each-other but due the "bipartisan loan forgiving act - wherein members of Congress can get duty-free loans and never have to pay up once they leave office - well there is no such thing as an "Ethics Violation". But even if I were convincing enough to the "Office" that Mark Begich violated the "Ethics Clause" of his sworn-to duty because he made upwards $40000 on a drug deal, then in order for any allegations to stick, the perpetrator has to admit to it, feel guilty and bring his own ass in front of his peers - it is an office that worked on the theory of self-incrimination - which is against the grain of due process as found inherent in the U.S. Constitution. So it was designed NOT to work - this is what I found out by thinking I was doing the right thing as a Patriotic American. So Bravo, finally getting rid of this ethics "Hoodwank" and let's hope that Congress doesn't stop there. But to ask this lazy S.O.B. to clean house, that would be like believing Mitch McConnell doesn't believe in delivering "Deliverance" to US as this "Office of Congressional Ethics" was never intended to do justice, except create a few jobs wherein the staff stayed away from any conflict! You pat my back, I back your back. The United States Congress, in poor, out a $millionaire$ and please remember, that it was an unpaid position when the Founding Fathers put it all together. As they knew even back then that money corrupts and it was supposed to be a position performed out-of-love for country. Damn, and only Rand Paul does it for free - One out of 538, the odds are against US, always have and always will be. Yes, it is time to get rid of the "Do Nothing"!

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