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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

China Doll

Pull the chain, after only 49-minutes into the Rex "рекс" Tillerson's Secretary-of-SNOT confirmation hearings, flush please now as the "stink" is awful. He is a Putin "Lover"! Rubio slam dunked the Putin crony into admitting that the SNOT thought the Russian Federation murderer was NOT a "WAR CRIMINAL". Sad when there are corporate maggots that give more praise to a foreign "criminal" then to that of the sitting Commander-in-Chief. Strictly a business only allegiance they cry. "I pledge allegiance to the sickle..." Remember, ZDonald Tyrump said Putin was "smart" and appears to have pulled the wool. Appears PNAC is alive and well with Tillerson, and you know where that WMD-yellow matter custard cake-project got US with the Bush dysentery dynasty. Tillerson's best line yet: "I don't recall that as CEO of EXXON that I approved business dealings with 3-countries that were listed as "state sponsors of terrorism" and as CEO I had no idea sanctions were in effect, I just don't recall, let me think...sorry I just don't recall". What a Rat-fink! I thought Boy Scouts were supposed to tell the truth and be not afraid of their own shadows? OK, I ain't buying anymore "Kettle Corn" from the scouts - can't trust them as when their leader can't recall? Did ZDonald Tyrump just pull names out of a hat? Maybe a sewer. And how come a lawyer can be disbarred for dereliction of duty but a Boy Scout leader can get away with...really a scout award for environmental concern achievements - wonder how many Tillerson has passed out? And if so, did awardees have to denounce "Satan"? Look, the "Unitary Communist" Chinese kicked EXXON the hell out of its business, because even that government went concerned about "Global Warming" and its carbon footprint impact due gargantuan manufacturing opportunities - it takes electricity. Sure we can bring some of those jobs back to American soil, but if I have a choice for buying a car built "green" verses "blue", not a tough choice and probably cheaper from abroad. China is the "world leader" for solar energy today, and is preparing to keep up that trend - due the concern of "Global Warming" and it is the right thing to do! And in China, there ain't NO "tax incentive" driving that road to "green" - it is out of necessity and an interest for the future. Want to wreck havoc here in America, cancel out that 30% "solar tax deduction" and 78000 wage earners would be sent to the unemployment line - or move to China. If Tillerson is this fabulous business negotiator, why so nervous? Look, you would have to know the "mind" of Lee Raymond to understand why Tillerson made his way to the top of EXXON and the ticking time-bomb mentality of the "рекс". That's what Putin called Rex when he was awarded the "Like a Good Neighbor" franchise. Now Lee Raymond was the head-honcho for EXXON when Joe Hazelwood rammed that tanker into Bligh Reef. At the time, Tillerson was one of Raymond's top dogs being groomed to take over the helm. The EXXON Valdez, this nation's greatest environmental disaster of record, wherein still today oiled beaches remain in Prince Williams' Sound, some 27-years ago. And NO, you don't see clean-up crews with EXXON hats every summer - as it has been abandoned. That out-of-site out-of-mind mentality. And Raymond was able to make EXXON a huge profit, with the wreck! Of course the shareholding stakeholders and Wall Street love this kind's scary. Anyway, when EXXON said NO to the Chinese government's invested interest in power plants that utilized Tillerson's coal and natural gas, wherein EXXON said there was No such thing as "Global Warming" so would not invest in BAT & BAM technology to clean the air, Xi Jinping took action. The Chinese leader said if not interested in the best available technologies and methods for clean air abatement, then "cease & desist" go home. Sure enough like a bunch of sore losers, EXXON did sell out its China interests because it was not interested in clean air, but was also facing an eminent domain decree that would have skunk-sunk EXXON's stock. Xi Jinping gave the order, the ultimatum or else. So EXXON packed up and looked for greener pastures, like Russia. EXXON can only survive by investing wherein it has total control, over everything imaginable that goes into that "golden handcuffs" profit margin formula - to get the best bang for the buck. So that is why today EXXON has a cozy relationship with Vladimir and Baghousedadi and other dictators that have blood on their hands. Here is the test. If ISIS needed fuel to fuel its hate around the world, would EXXON sell gasoline? It's strictly business. But during the confirmation hearings, it was easy to see the disconnect between corporate America and Congress. EXXON has its headquarters in Texas - but isn't that the state that has been trying to secede from the Union? Have at it, that's my sentiment! Look, it doesn't work, a guy like Tillerson trying to separate diplomacy away from the golden goose, but that is what ZDonald Tyrump is all about. It's strictly  businesses at any expense the extermination of others - and the "Tower Maggot" would throw you and your kids to the Russian Wolf - if some loot was to be made. And then hire ladies of night to piss all over the decency of the "Red, White & Blue". Revolution time is near, take that back IT's HERE!

"From Russia with Love"

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