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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breitbarf Update

Clarification: ZDonald Tyrump just sold the media that any money made at his "Trump International Hotel" in Washington D.C., by dignitaries or whores that visit here for official government business, when the President-elect-reject takes the official "oath", that revenue generated will be donated to the U.S. Treasury. It's ZDonald's magic way to hide a conflict of interest based on the "Presidential Emoluments Clause" with the intent to make it look good, but at the same time keep the profits in the "Family". We have "Hoodwanked" the Americans again, Bravo ZDonald. It works for us this way. If you send a check to the U.S. Treasury today, it will bounce back if it is not for one of the thousand or so "of record" transferable debts allowing the U.S. government to collect. And today, there is not a category for a "Bed Tax" and that can only come about by a "Tax Code" change directed from Congress. Which ZDonald can veto if it ever gets to his desk. So send the checks and when bounced back, hey we tried. And then just keep the money. See, after a life of "scamming", you get pretty good at it. Welcome to America...but who in hell wants to come here, part of ZDonald's plan all along to "Make America Great Again"! And if Barack Obama thinks his terms of endangerment were successful and claiming last night "Yes We Did"? Well sure as hell we can "No You Didn't" it...hardy ha ha.

NOTE: Ever since the Tyrump was "hacked", every time ZDonald Tyrump is typed out, the "hackers code" inserts that "Z" and that "Y". If anybody has a fix for this, please advise and we will send you a bouncing check.

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