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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


He's FUNK'N Insane, said John Doe 1. He's FUNK'N Insane, said Jane Doe 1. He's FUNK'N Insane x 3. He's FUNK'N Insane x 4. He's FUNK'N Insane x 5. He's FUNK'N Insane x 6. He's FUNK'N Insane x 7. He's FUNK'N Insane x 8. He's FUNK'N Insane x 9. He's FUNK'N Insane x 10....He's FUNK'N Insane x 10,000. He's FUNK'N Insane x 100,000. He's FUNK'N Insane x 1,000,000. He's FUNK'N Insane x 10,000,000. He's FUNK'N Insane, said John Doe 65,345,789. He's FUNK'N Insane, said Jane Doe 65,345,790.

After seeing ZDonald Tyrump's "pathetic" Press Conference, his damn "blood pressure" was off the charts. He is running scared, as the "bad and the ugly" is leaking out, as there is NO GOOD. And let's hope that within the next 9-days, a "Resignation" is in order as that is the only hope for US.

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