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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Holy SHIT Donaldman

People are nauseated with a sea sickness like condition. Vomit and diarrhea from sea to shining sea - so maybe we have been infected by a man-made holocaust virus from a rogue nation, like Russia. For many waking this morning, the symptoms much the same so the Center for Disease Control is concerned about a growing pandemonium pandemic. Now surely for many, last night was both depressing and enlightening with Barack Obama's farewell, but the "salacious allegations" that have come front and center of attention about ZDonald Tyrump, this is crippling. Could be that causal connection and just thinking about it makes one...excuse me as I crawl off to the porcelain throne. Look, nobody makes this "crap" up, as to do so would only bring a law suit for defamation from ZDonald Tyrump's cast of lawyers many. But this is serious. "We the People" must bring the 2016 election to a screeching halt! Let Congress handle matters, or ask Barack to extend his stay in the Oval Office until such time we can have the results of a psycho-evaluation of ZDonald Tyrump. In fact his entire cast needs evaluation. Honestly, just let Congress enjoy another "Do Nothing" session and let things remain the same until such time we are sure we know what we are getting into with a new administration. But this spy information about ZDonald, this "blackmail" is right up the "Reality" alley wherein a finger used to do the trick. Hitler had a fetish, besides incinerating Jews, he also liked to end the day with a prostitute shitting in his face. I think there is a name for such sickness, just not part of my everyday vocabulary and I would never waste time retrieving what such sickoid entertainment is called. Neither was "defile" part of my memory dictionary. Wow, appears there may be a commonality, with this "shit fetish". Oh my God...and maybe it is not too late as we have only 9-days left to get it straight. Now I have been nauseated for several months by now, ever since November 8th. Look, I wasn't a fan of Clinton or Trump, and because of the outcome feel I have been the victim of being "shat" upon. Hillary Clinton "fuck'd" US all. But I guess it's for real, getting "shat" upon best get used to it as it appears to be ZDonald's trademark! But let's face the facts, so did Fred Trump shit on "black folks", at Beach Haven. So like father, like son. See, if ZDonald Tyrump gets to take that "oath", then he has immunity to prosecution and with Executive Order privilege, and can "pardon" boy are we in trouble. Was that O.J.? But these new revelations that are being broadcast around the globe, that ZDonald Tyrump ordered prostitutes to "shit" in the bed that was used by the Obama's when they visited Moscow - yes I want to see the video. If such exists and we see ZDonald directing this wrestle-mania type deranged activity, then we have no choice then to arrest - and throw away the keys. Hitler had the same fetish, get my point! 

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