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Monday, January 9, 2017


No not talking hand-to-hand conflicts that engage our brave men and women in uniform, but Alaskan style WAR! But for Wayne Anthony Ross, a powerful attorney that calls Alaska home and can get anybody off the hook when guns are involved. He is the NRA spokesperson in Alaska, which is a gun happy state - just ask Estaban Santiago. WAR, is one of Sarah Palin's good fellow friends and was the narcissist governor's choice as attorney general until he compared gays to lima beans - he didn't get that nomination. In and around Anchorage - wherein Santiago saw aliens and heard aliens - you will see license plate Mr. WAR behind the wheel of a "bright red" Humvee and license plate Mrs. WAR at the wheel of a "bright red" battle-axe Chevy Suburban. Some say that the "Humvee's" rear cover hides out a Gatling gun? Hey, if bad weather on the Seward Highway, just follow a WAR machine. But decent intelligent people from sea to shining sea are pissed, that Santiago had his weapon confiscated by the Anchorage police in November then received it back as a Christmas gift - just in time to head south and commit a heinous act that may see him facing the death penalty. But not to worry, as I am sure that Mr. WAR will be called to action, to plant doubt through contributory negligence blame on the FBI and Anchorage police so that Santiago can spend the rest of his time behind bars,  with Charles Manson. Spare the gallows, as the defense must protect the 2nd Amendment at any cost. He's guilty, don't need a jury to claim which way the bullets flew. But the same damn agency that let him slide through the cracks of justice - when it had a choke hold and a hold on his piece - it is now asking for the "Death Penalty". He confessed, that it was premeditated theft the life of a grandmother, along with the indecent betrayal upon the life of a grandfather and more! This type of crime proves nothing for the likes of blaming terrorists, to engage more hate against that faction - it was senseless and homegrown and could have and should have been contained. We are attacking ourselves, potty pity! The guy was NUTS! OK, that "berserk label" was reserved for ZDonald Tyrump following the November 8th castration of democracy, but sometimes we must give credit wherein credit is due and depart from obligations. Yet being "NUTS", he could get that Christmas gift on that plane and then when it was wheels down baggage claim to the left, all hell broke loose. Simple case, yet it is a different senseless crime scene this time around. It will break new ground and set new precedent in the trial courts. Any new lawyers out there looking for a challenge to make a name, here it is. But beware, if the NRA gets involved due the fact any outcome could infringe on that 2nd Amendment Right, it will be WAR. See, at the heat of this crime is the history of the weapon, confiscated in November and given back shortly thereafter - not even a time-out grace period for a nut that was extremely paranoid puzzled. In November Santiago was seeing Russia from Alaska and hearing Sarah Palin laughter and even though he committed himself for evaluation, with reduced staffing during the holidays the Anchorage Psychiatric Institute that admitted this patient due a deranged state of mind told him to take a vacation. But best get that gun back in possession of its rightful owner, as it can protect against those aliens. So I am sure that those opposed to the 2nd will use this as the next "Litmus Test" case, for some semblance of "gun control" - maybe instigating yearly "mind game" evaluations for those gun owners that see aliens on a routine basis. And if the NRA is challenged, it will send in its "Big Player" lawyers, to assist Santiago and getting him out of the noose. Look, that noose is two-fold, it will strangle Santiago away from any future UFO sightings and it could enter the domain of restricting weapons in the workplace. See, WAR was able to get a preacher off the hook for shooting a thief in the back as the guy ran off with a loaf of bread - because he was hungry. At one time, most law enforcement officials would warm you, if you need to shoot an intruder at your home's front door make damn sure when you blast his ass with buckshot that the corpse falls into your house - so make sure it's windy inwards. For goodness sake, not outwards with that corpse as that outcome was then questionable as a "wrongful death", murder outside any self-defense - because the crook may have been on the retreat. Only cowards shoot cowards in the back! But WAR was able to set new precedent that you can shoot a crook even if running away and 200-feet down your driveway, in the back. It changed the entire self-defense scene, it extended it so today we find it the foundation of the "carry" law. Yes, chalk up a big win for the NRA. This case had nothing to do with the preacher, it was about that 2nd Amendment and just how far the courts in Alaska were willing to go out on the limb. With Santiago, I am sure that if called to WAR that Mr. WAR will argue that the state was remiss in its duties to protect the citizens by allowing Estaban to roam the airport baggage claim areas in Florida with a loaded 9mm semi-automatic mass murdering weapon - that which was contained while Santiago was being observed. And that Florida Rick Scott best mind his piss and vinegar, and retreat any interest to argue the state's case asking for the "Death Penalty" and just let Santiago become a prison sucker for the next 80-years, else he may be facing WAR in the face. The NRA will defend, no matter how many grandmothers and grandfathers were mowed down in cold case blood, as this is WAR! If there is a "teensy weensy" sliver of light shining through a crack that could attack the 2nd and anything that could upset the upcoming hope for required "gun" ownership under a ZDonald Tyrump presidency - WAR will commence and unleash a barrage of legal weapons that can reach heights of NUTS!

Here is what needs to be done, as copy cats know how vulnerable the system is - just go to Alaska and claim insanity, get released on good behavior and commence to commit the crime. But anybody that lives in fear day-in day-out and must have that Glock, well the airlines should take advantage of this mass murdering spree to make some loot. Let's call it the "Nothing to Fear but Fear itself Weapon Transfer Act", wherein if you want to travel with that companion, then it will cost an extra $50-bucks. Furthermore, that "gun" will have to be delivered to the newly created "Airline Clearing House" 4-hours before liftoff - these drop-off centers will be located within the airport perimeter but far and removed from any baggage claim areas. When you arrive at your destination, same thing, pick up your weapon at the clearing house and airlines will guarantee that within 2-hours your goal to assassinate will be closing in. See, that will give gun toting enthusiast more time away from their blue-steel shank manhood, and then maybe we can wean ourselves away from this must have my weapon mentality that is ripping apart this nation, as even though there are more concealed weapons and carry permits, it hasn't put a dent in the crime spree - as maybe we have a bunch of coward wannabe Wyatt Earps that run for cover every time there is a "POP".

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