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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Give It Up!

Give It Up, Yes! It is time to put the Russian Federation "hack" behind us all, as the damage has been done and hopefully we learned from our greatest grave mistake of all time - that the laws of record that disqualify individuals from running for the U.S. Presidency need an overhaul. No not really, as the Founding Fathers designed such protective barriers already that would disallow tyrants from interfering in the decency of democracy, we just need a Congress that follows the rules and has the balls to "Do Something" over the 2-Score years old legacy of "Do Nothing"! The way I read the "Code", both Donald John Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton were "disqualified to holding any office under the United States", but skated past "Go", with a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. Yes, both were candidates for...what the hell happened? Bernie Sanders is the U.S. President by default. I just watched his 11-days before doom Town Hall, he is the only American that is talking and acting like a True Patriot. If he calls for other Patriots to take up arms to overthrow the ZDonald Tyrump, I am ready and willing, and losing my life would be worthy the cause. If he calls for other Patriots to STRIKE in solidarity, I am ready and willing even if I lose my job. We are under attack, a Revolution is near. But regardless of how the 115th Congress has reneged on its duty, it would have been a totally different outcome the same circumstances 200-years ago, ZDonald Tyrump is right, as "We the Stupid People" get what's coming to US for that "stupidity". And here is why we must forgive and move on. It shows we are weak, vulnerable to abuse and the laughing stock of the world. I mean, if this nation gets invaded, at least I can prove that I didn't vote for Trump, and maybe buy myself some leniency - one last meal.  We have been invaded, by a "Tower Maggot"! OK, truce time. ZDonald's biggest challenge will not be Vladimir Putin, but Ding Dung Ho Badboy, North Korea's perverted KING! This little punk has already started to test the Tyrump. It is where diplomacy skirts lunacy - who will break wind first, as the Dung is preparing a nuclear standoff. But every bonafide and qualified U.S. President the last 75-years has faced similar stand-offs, and we are still alive today so diplomacy works. OK, Bill Clinton resorted to cyber-Warfare against Iran's dedication to build a meltdown bomb - and payback was the hack on that Chappaqua "Crapper Server". Long story, next time. But this little North Korean idiot that steals 13-year old virgins from a mom and dad facing a firing squad if they complain, he doesn't care if the entire world evaporated as long as Dennis Rodman is still his friend. Yes, Rodman should be in jail, for violating the Logan Act. You want to know what is going on in ZDonald Tyrump's brain, just look at Rodman's head dress lice spectrum - so bizarre. Like I said, we as a nation no longer carry the balls to jail those that find reason to shit on the Constitution. Dung has no future and has no boy kid and cannot produce so his dysentery dynasty is dead. See, Dung is supposedly suffering from the little penis syndrome, due success from the CIA and the use of our own "hack", by sending a get well package that contained 200-different varieties of syphilis - disguised as wart remover but capable of removing something else. Talk about a "HACK"! Yes, it started off as a ball bearing degreaser, one ball, two balls - Eunuch man. Then one afternoon at 4:30pm, due time zone differences here to there and while waiting for an update "Twitter" from ZDonald and masturbating, Dung dick fell off. And this puts the penisless kid against a guy whose own penis size is questionable. See, we know ZDonald Tyrump has an "enlarged prostate" the reason he is up like clockwork at 3am for his daily "Twitter" feeding frenzy time. Who to attack today, just hope he picks the right device, as the one with the nuclear codes - is he really going to get that close to destruction? And with frequent peeing, the penis shrinks, this according to renowned proctologist Dr. Harold Bornstein. Why would someone have a "constipation specialist" as the main family doctor? So what we have brewing is a little penis and smack-down raw syndrome. See, Dung bat has nothing to lose, as when it gets out that he is penisless and can't produce a penis replacement, he will be dethroned. And we know ZDonald has a small one, as that was the main reason 63-million voted for him, as they themselves were tired of the small penis syndrome so wanted a little prick president bossman - this goes for both the male and female Trumpsters. The female vote for ZDonald, a bunch of angry ass-zitted-beach-bleached-bitches that feast with the FOX! So brace yourself, as when it boils down to penis envy, well at least ZDonald has experience in the ring famous for penis envy, the WWE and maybe that is the reason Linda McMahon is on the Tyrump's staff - to coach us out of this tit for tat no balls barred pissing contest. Yes coming soon, Dung against ZDonald, as a wrestle-mania venue world-wide-erection. 

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