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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Surface to Air Attack!

Dear Silly Hillary;

If after 60-days and 60-nights with the chores and gripes of once again being an ordinary housewife, if James Comey is your excuse to your failed pitch for the bid at the White House...really you lost to an insane bozo? It had nothing to do with Comey, as the competition - that insane bozo maggot - you should have been so far ahead of him that we could have cancelled the election. Instead of braving the cold on that Tuesday night of November 8th, I could have stayed home and watched WWE, because that would have been your opponents only pleasure palace after losing by a landslide. Anybody running against that insane bozo maggot lunatic should have won by default. I mean here is a guy that sleeps with the enemy - he beat you! So if a sour loser still, get over it as there is no one else to blame but Bill. And if you still cannot forgive how an insane bozo maggot lunatic madman beat your "Dream" and adamant that it was Comey's last ditch effort letter to blame for your pathetic defeat, then take some of that "Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation" drool and commence a law-suit against Comey and the FBI. If you are correct, remember this is America and the justice system could serve up his head on a platter - if your assessment of preferential interference is circumcisional. If a wrong-doing, then "We the People" under oath can bring closure, at least get all that loot back to repay your sponsors. See, they will probably get a tax write-off, so I'm getting screwed. If you refuse to use the courts, then it appears you are just using Comey as a poor sportsmanship excuse. The bottom-line, going into this election the DNC was DOA any victory towards the 45th - as Wasserman made so many damn enemies that I knew you were doomed even without Vladimir Putin's revelations or Weiner's 7th inning stretch boner. And the GOP was also on its last limping leg, so had you won it would have been more of the same "NOTHING". I didn't vote for you, heaven forbid, and I didn't waste a vote on the insane bozo maggot lunatic madman with an enlarged prostate. But if there was a time-machine that could fast forward, you would see what it is all about - it is all part of the "American Solidarity Movement" that has caught the attention of the "Lousy Hat Party". Like I mentioned before, the DNC is done with and soon the same mistakes will render the GOP useless. ZDonald Tyrump is the saving grace to allow all hell to break loose - hopefully shy a nuclear meltdown. This insane bozo maggot lunatic madman with an enlarged prostate and suffers from erectile dysfunction, he will deliver the final blow that will rupture the political cesspool, and when the wind blows and the rabid skunk odor goes away, we will begin that journey home - in SOLIDARITY without any political hatchet yielding politicians holding us back. Yes, we are in a Revolution long overdue, designed to secure that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, that which will once again bring the "People" together as one or else in unity to protect our inalienable rights. Had you won that Oval Office, it would have meant more wasted time getting back what is ours as over the years "Our Liberty" as been devoured up by the con-artist rapist that think they represent US. We had been "hoodwankered" way too long, but even though as Patriotic Americans we always held out hope, well your likes blew it as time ran out of the fair game playing clock. And take this to bed with Bill, your lose to the insane bozo maggot lunatic madman with an enlarged prostate and suffers from erectile dysfunction son of a Beach Haven white supremacist, it does not mean that the monster is better then you by any stretch of Miss Liberty's imagination. It just gets us to the goal line quicker - as the destructive ways and means already shown by that insane bozo maggot lunatic madman with an enlarged prostate and suffers from erectile dysfunction son of a Beach Haven white supremacist witchdoctor's daughter wife, well the fuse flash has advanced and will soon - BOOM! See, we became divided as a nation with a Do Nothing Congress that caused hate and discontent amongst the citizens, and the only thing I remember from my 6th grade civics class, "Divided We Fall". And who to blame, just look in the mirror. Call Bill into the crapper, and have him look into that mirror at the same time - get the pitchfork point? And why I am so right, well it was cast in stone that the last "Great President" would be the 1st "Black Man", Barack Obama - the 44th. History does sometimes find strange bedfellows, for a reason!

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