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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Freudian Slip

Wow, was it a lip-slip, as John McCain today during the Russian Federation "Hack" hearings referred to Donald Trump as Donald Pimp! But here is the horror of it all. With all the evidence, with all the overwhelming circumstantial "Guilty" evidence, if the sitting U.S. Congress certifies the "Electoral College" vote of a ZDonald Tyrump, then we have lost the "WAR". He is the ENEMY! What are we so afraid of? But on this coming Friday, even as the House certifies a bunch of "Turncoats" casting a vote for the "ENEMY", ZDonald Tyrump meets with the Obamas and the "Intelligence Community", and this will be the last time Obama gets the chance to arrest the Tyrump for "Treason"! And if there is any doubt that ZDonald Tyrump is NOT an "Enemy of the People", then those in doubt should pack their bags and move to Putin land, as "this land is my land, this land is not a Turncoats land".

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