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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Session's Session

Only 1-hour into the Jeff Session's session and I have reached a verdict. Jeff Sessions is NOT qualified to be this nation's top law enforcer, under a ZDonald John Tyrump lunacy administration. NOT because of Session's "civil liberty" values questionable by many not me, or his past inebriation under-the-influence against any immigration rights also questionable by many not me, and NOT because he would recuse himself any continued investigation upon Hillary Rodham Clinton and basically pleading she is Not guilty. My verdict is based on something he said during the Senate hearings - during his self-inflicted introduction that which caught my undivided attention. He said he would protect the U.S. Treasury, from a single dollar fraud? Wow, and this includes the IRS making every penny count. Sad, when "We the Stupid People" as a nation burdened with an income tax have yet to see the president-elect-reject's tax returns. There are prerequisites to getting the keys to the "Oval Office", tax returns included. I mean what good is an individual at the helm that never paid out to support the infrastructure that supports his own wealth hording? We pay taxes to keep US safe. We pay taxes for an educational system that keeps US smart, for those schools along with funds to support highways and byways and safe flyways. To NOT pay one's fair share, even if through default some loopholes, it is Un-Constitutional and above all Un-Patriotic. I don't like the fact that there is NO choice being an hourly worker for an employer that takes my "Fair Share" that which is automatically deducted and immediately sent to the U.S. Treasury. It happens every two-weeks like clock-work and my direct-deposit falls short the efforts of my sweat-equity labor - the sharing clause. But I do not regret this 5-finger discount on my wages, as it is important discrimination. Yes, discrimination onto its own, as why do the wealthy get an entire year to pay up? And if so ordained as the 45th's Attorney General, once Session's makes this policing of our "Safe" his main goal in life and goes "Boss Hog" after the criminals - even if $1 dollar off on those yearly returns signed without "purpose of evasion", so what is gained as sitting U.S. Presidents have immunity to prosecution? Good thing ZDonald is no longer in the hot-seat with the possibility of a conviction under the subject of "Tax Fraud", as the "Session Shield" protecting "Public Enemy Number 1" is soon to become a ZDonald Tyrump "Reality", as without such preferential treatment he could find himself in front of the Taxman judge. But with a Session's as the "Tower Maggot's" Attorney General, any due process prosecution forthcoming is but a moot point. Call it what it is, just more groveling leniency.

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