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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Conscious Coincidence?

The Russian Federation "Hack" was a set-up. It could not have been pulled off without insiders and anybody that believes otherwise, well wise thinking is just a suggestion. Same reasoning we find troubling as to why that ship of fools is getting ready to take over the "Oval Office" - as the extension of the extended limits ZDonald Tyrump supporters' IQ so limited, like what animal is fighting what other animal this weekend at the Big Time wrestle-mania? One tough of question, "thum ring thugs are human? Pass the cotton candy." Look, Vladimir Putin was asked to help, and saw intrigue getting into our business that which would undermine our 4-score many years ago Founding Father's "Democracy". Because the wealthiest man in the world and bored with life was asked to lend a helping hand by a "person of interest" through an extended invite, Vladimir took hold of the challenge. And Putin had a hardon, wanting to attack our sovereignty, based on the fact Obama was a better man for 8-years by continuously calling the madman's bluff. The "Hack" was sanctioned, by someone that calls himself an American but may have ties to CITGO - the Hugo Chavez Venezuelan oil conglomerate and that nation may have been the launch pad for this Russian interference. Look, nations like Russia realize you don't mess with US when it comes to cyberWARfare - unless there came an invite by a "person of interest" with power and offering up an immunity clause in effect. And the "power" herein means individuals of "wealth". It was a set-up, an invited "hack" which allowed it to succeed. And Russia was caught "Red Handed". We gave the perpetrators a helping hand, and immunity to boot! Little known to many in the ordinary rank and file, our cyberWarfare "chest" is 11x more advanced over any other nation. If we wanted to shut the electrical grid any nation, one switch away. Stop trains in Europe, easy. Cut-off natural gas that heats Russian prisons, at the wink of an eye. Our nation started gearing up for this new age war many moons ago, with what is known as StuxNET and finds its originality back during the Clinton years. It was just a matter of time, wherein this from-far-and-away espionage could drive such a drastic deal. So our advantage to bit-mine is stellar in comparison to any other rogue nation. And NO, our electrical grid is not at threat level, as when our national security geeks entered into this net-work war, we realized we must harden our own infrastructure. So NO, Vladimir cannot switch off your popcorn maker during the Super-bowl or decommission the wife's vibrator because she doesn't understand a bunch of guys killing each-other over a deflated ball and finds more exciting things to do outside of half-time entertainment. But when an all out invite from that "person of interest" to Vladimir, like when a helping hand allows interference without ramification? There is a thing called the Logan Act, which makes it against the law for citizens to abide and abet foreign governments - especially governments considered an "Enemy of the People". Putin did it because he thought the "Federation" would not feel the pressure of sanctions, as it was state sponsored - except it wasn't the Obama administration headlining this massacre, but the GOP. That is the reason that ZDonald Tyrump is already casting a smile towards Vladimir, as the incoming administration is "Guilty" of sleeping with the enemy - or at least has reservations confirmed for a future date rape. Obama is trying to signal to US this rosey relationship reason between ZDonald and Vladimir, cry foul is loud and clear!

The Evidence Trail for this Trial: On the very same day that Rudy Giuliani bowed out of being one of the ZDonald Tyrump's heavy hitting henchmen and at the top of the list for just about any suck-ass-kissing job with the "Maggot", that day also found an angry Barack Obama ordering the CIA along with 16-other hi-tech government agencies to produce a report over the Russian Federation "Hack Attack" that circumvented the merits of our Democracy - with respect to our election system. Is it not rather strange that we have not heard a damn thing single peep show from Rudy, for the last month since all hell broke loose over the "Hack"? And the last sighting, it was when Chris Christie's side-kick was told he wasn't being considered for ZDonald's Secretary-of-Snot and when leaving the Beach Haven "Tower" looked like a puppy dog betrayed with tail between legs, last known sighting. Giuliani has not been seen at the "Tower" since then, unless he has a back-door pass and wearing a mask? And this all started about the same time the heat was on from Obama about to shed light on how Vladimir Putin found his ears and eyes into every damn computer sea to shining sea and invading our right to privacy. This Russian maggot invaded our inalienable right to be let alone - because he was invited to perform this hijacking of "Liberty". This invite, it gives new meaning to "Turncoat". So, why so quiet on the Rudy front? I would bet that Giuliani set the Russians up, to succeed in the "Hack". And I am sure that ZDonald acknowledged this assistance as it was that "Perfect Storm Reality", but then again the "Maggot" may be too stupid to realize what he had ordered else approved. Would that give him an out if in the future soon we have evidence almighty of a concerted effort by the ZDonald Tyrump's campaign to infiltrate, through that Russian Federation invite? He was too stupid to understand what was going on. But the damage has been done, for the cause. See, the cyberWar started back during the Bill Clinton days, when Bill was being coached on choke-holes by Monica along with Cuban Cigars as dignitaries. OK, Bill told Jeffrey that Monica could deep-throat a Cuban cabaña - maybe it was supposed to be banana, but the eavesdropping was noisy. Anyway, back then there came the threat of nuclear proliferation by Iran, so it was time to engage in cyberWar - or at least prepare for future Ahmadinejadism. This threat culminated during the Bush years, and if the U.S. didn't get to the bottom of nuclear destruction targeting Israel, that nuclear armed ally had already started the countdown to melt Tehran into the desert scenery. So, time to unleash the cyberBeast. Now even with all of the sophisticated virus "codes" dreamed up by some of the best geeks money and our government could find, the plan to disrupt the Iranian nuclear bomb making facilities was not reachable. That missing link, after a year plus in the planning stage and countless hours spent designing a virus that could go undetected yet cause massive destruction upon the centrifuges used to refine mine run uranium to weapons grade stuff - it remained a dream. That was the target, the enriched fuel that could be Duct taped to a rocket and cause havoc, like in Israel only 1500 air miles away - an easy reach for old rockets. Iran had that rocket launch capability, it had the trigger mechanism thanks to Bill, all it needed was the "meltdown fuel" and it would have its own destructive deterrent. I worked for Siemens, and this virus was designed in concert with this German based corporation's control systems, as the Iranian nuke facility used computers that which were purchased through Germany. So everything was a "GO", except a damn Iranian firewall was preventing the death threat from coming alive - so an insider was needed. And sure enough, for enough loot along with a fake passport sporting a new name and a contract under the "witness protection" program, a factory mole was found. See, all that was needed was a link from the business network to the industrial side - a $1.59 patch cable available at Wal-Mart. See a server, a router, a switch, these devices can be configured for all sorts of protection inside and out. But there is not a single "cloud device" that is protected against the vulnerability of a hard link, with a cheap piece of cable. And if a patch cable is placed between the right ports - there is no longer a firewall - and the meltdown of the centrifuges began in earnest and there is a family enjoying American style freedom for helping out. I saw the same damn thing happen at a military base power plant in Alaska, a plant that provided electricity to the "Missile Defense Shield", the rogue rocket take-down system. A maintenance worker had his laptop plugged into both networks, so he could work on plant problems and at the same time fill in his time card. The Laptop was equipped with a "Blue-Tooth" port that was vulnerable to an outside "hack attack". And sure enough, one night the entire power plant went into fibrillations and shut-down everything and it was 12-long hours before electricity was restored. During that time had a rogue missile been launched, the "shield" was OUT-OF-SERVICE. So, I am willing to bet that the DNC "Hack" was assisted by a GOP mole. In fact, I am willing to go out on a limb that the Clinton's Chappaqua server, located in that crapper" was also the victim of a $1.59 made in China short circuit. So I guess we can blame the Chinese? I would like to see more investigations into this Russian Federation known "hack", who knew of what, and hopefully evidence tied to the GOP campaign headquarters. Of course that is where it was directed from. Look, everything is vulnerable, no matter how hard we try. It has always been that way, and will be even more troublesome as things get more complicated as "back doors" remain as vulnerable passports. And when push comes to shove, and so close but can't get your own way, just offer up a bribe or call the GOP. So there is a loser out there, someone that made a bunch of loot responding to the call of the "hackster" posse. And with all the silence, I am sure that Giuliani was told to take a hike because some of us know the truth. He is a smart man, in realization he must just go away as you don't mess with the Russian Mafia. But his involvement may be the guts of the matter. Not really. Do you really think that our security experts were not on top of this swindling opportunity by Vladimir Putin? Swindling, as if the Russian Federation had an assisted living link this way, we would have used that opportunity to infiltrate their way. Of course when first detected that "outsiders" were "In" our network so vulnerable and attacks commenced on Hillary's server and who knows what other domains, due that short-circuit help from the Tyrump team, the security agencies could have cried foul and cut the ties - end of the Putin Threat. But what advantage would that kind of rational move prove - nothing but a lost opportunity. So it's all known - who to what to where to when and to why. We used this opportunity to get into Vladimir's nest. Will it ever be made public, some day but as long as what we captured is valuable for now and into the future, no matter how it affected the outcome of the 2016 election some things must remain out of reach - as some things "secret" are more important than 4-years of a ZDonald Tyrump dynasty. When opportunity knocks in this day and age, we must not renege on such opportunities - so even though Putin has been indicted on this crisscross and targeted Hillary Clinton over the preference of ZDonald Tyrump, our hands are not clean either this matter but I will always side with what is kept secret. Sometimes our government must act to what it believes is the lesser of two-evils - this is the case with the Russian Federation "hack", the invited "hack". It may have been our intentions all along, getting a mole in the Tyrump camp to think it was a good idea to allow Vladimir to infiltrate, so we could use our sophisticated knowledge to corrupt Russia's very own system. Eye for an eye, hack for a hack? And even though the outcome of the election may have been beyond the interest of our spy verses spy criteria, because of the possibility of getting into Vladimir's mind games with the "breach", if ZDonald gets out-of-hand, there are built-in safeguards to take care of that concern - as it is part of the under-world we are far and removed from - but it is working, just ask Barack Obama!  So, look to see more guilt shoved the ZDonald Tyrump way, so that our ways and means can be protected, even if it means an impeachment for the "Maggot" for knowingly assisting the ENEMY. But we won!

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