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Saturday, January 7, 2017

On a Need To Know Bashing

That mass-murderer with the message "I will kill your huddled masses at point-blank" was from the Sarah Palin state - Alaska. So there are some things to know on a need to know as to why the 49er may have contributed to this insane act of aggression in Florida - a week after an awesome Happy Christmas, today finding a sad reminder ending for many innocent victims! Estaban Santiago didn't head "North to Alaska" as a military man, or as a pipeliner, or as a gold-seeker, but as a desperate escapee from normal society. OK, "normal society" is one of those "Mobius Strip" trick questions, so as you were. Alaska is NOT like it used to be, things have changed and it is what it is what it gets for giving away free money and no taxation and driving home a Sarah Palin mentality. Said again, what is normal? Over the years, ever since the "Reality" of Ice-Road Trashabillys asphyxiated us and fixated this falsehood image of what this state was really all about, Alaska has become the hangout and end-of-the-road depository for crackpots, the demented, those inbred out of Deliverance and nominees of the sadistic scourge. The pre-requisite required qualifications for a "Take-2" part in one of the many "Reality" trash shows that use the wilderness as that stage of frontal lobe abuse - a.k.a. self-inflicted lobotomy. Look, that Dalton Haul Road is "NOT AN ICE ROAD" - it's a maintained highway that gets more road crew attention than most of the major roads in and out of Anchorage. See, at one time - when Alaska had a decent governor like Jay "Bush Rat" Hammond - following construction of the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline, that only road north from Fairbanks was open to Alaskan residents only. Look, we just didn't want some "Truck Drivin Maniac" bozos or a bunch of tour buses interfering in who we really are as rugged individuals calling this 663-thousand square-miles of "nothing" home - wilderness men and wilderness women with wilderness children and sled dogs we were. We didn't need outsiders, especially any interest from cut-throat camera crews with no value added productions except to trash us. Now the film crews that were brave enough to come north to catch a glimpse of the building of the greatest construction project known to man, those camera flashes were OK as they caught the true spirit of Alaska and the "Pipeliners". See, that 400-mile long "Ice Road" joke with a single gas pit stop is and was a construction road, with some stretches acting as runways for planes that didn't always follow FAA rules and regulations - and planes have the Right-of-Way in Alaska! And not only small single engine pushers, but Convair "crew change" planes for workers on the pipeline. Yes indeed, that road was the runway! So there was a Security Check-Point Charlie at the Yukon River Bridge crossing - and if you couldn't produce an Alaskan drivers license - end of the line. Now this was good, as once across that mighty river, it opened up adventures that even money couldn't buy - yet. And that is wherein under "crappy" governors Alaska started changing, and it never recouped the loses of the "Last Frontier" opened up to "Reality" pimps and whores - so today it is right up ZDonald Tyrump's alley. See, we didn't want that road opened to outsiders, as we knew the "Reality" show maggots would soon be crossing over and causing trouble by introducing insane wannabes into the territory. "They're gonna put me in the movies" was not the advertizing we wanted, as that could only bring dangerous skumbag characters north. Look, you really don't think you would get "True Alaskans" to act like ZDonald Tyrump on a WWE wrestle-mania extravaganza like when the maggot "Meets the Boogieman" do you? And all "thum thar hills" of wilderness north of the Yukon, that was good hunting grounds, until it became a money-making bonanza for guides that still cannot stand a winter's stay at Coldfoot - minus 70F - so spend the Alaskan winter's in Florida. There ought to be a law there was at one time. I have traveled that road many times, when it was restricted to residents and supply trucks for the oil fields in Prudhoe Bay. But when it was opened to the public in 1994 by Wally "World" Hickel it became a dangerous road. Today, when a haul road truck's tire picks up rocks and sends it flying in all directions, there are crazies on bikes that can become a fatal attraction target! There ought to be a law there was at one time. Yes, it was Hickel who buckled under pressure to the cruise industry and special interest hunting groups to open the road to everyone and their brother oh brother, and it was something he had hoped to do while Nixon's "Secretary of the Interior" but was "trumped" by the Bush Rat - under my dead body will that road be opened to outsiders! Once opened, talk about a can of worms. That is when Alaska started becoming the Mecca for indecent exposure, due "Film Tax Credits" offered up by the state to entice the raping of the state's "Last frontier" status and image. It opened up this state to misfit crackpots of a new deal rush unlike a new gold rush or new oil strike would have, with these idiots running north thinking they could escape technology and past troubles - because that is the message from this "Reality" crap. Alaska is an oil state, some of the best technology has come forward from this state yet what we see and get from this "10-minutes claim to fame" is pathetic. It sells, and Alaska gets inundated with murderers, rapist, con artists and "Reality" celebrities with assholes to boot. And with this mentality, many in the "Reality" think just because they are so far north wherein the long days make them scared of their own shadow, that they must arm themselves to the gills - it brings out the "psycho" element bad behaviors. Sarah Palin tried her take on this "Alaska Reality", it lasted one episode because it wasn't fantasy fake enough. But these trash shows focus on the bad and the ugly, instead of any of the good stuff. I left Alaska after some 38 long winters and by then had finished raising a family - a decent family before all this "Reality" crap invaded Alaskan style tranquility! I left because of the trash TV talk that was headed north - especially after Sarah Palin became famous and idiots started shitting everywhere in the wilderness, wherein "Reality" shows allowed theft like disgrace - like already eluded upon, indecent exposure. At one time Alaska had a contingency of uniformed officers staking out the airports and in contact with major crime fighters in the lower-48. If they caught wind of gangsters heading to Alaska, what a warm welcome they received - a one-way ticket out-of-here. Didn't even make it to that baggage claim. After years of abuse, the Alaska legislature finally said it was time to end the "Film Tax Credit" that was found to be whittling away at a once strong foundation that began when Alaska hailed "We're In", as a state back in 1959. All because of the negative side effects of the trashing "Reality", that which did no good and all harm by uninvited wannabe misfits. And this is why a guy like Santiago is hearing things and seeing ghosts - not Sam McGee - but bullets unloaded under his control. I am sure that when news first broke that an Alaskan was behind this murder spree, many probably thought it was just a take on another Alaskan "Reality" show, so what! Bam, Bam your dead. And there are some that would probably be entertained by that motion picture,  as for many Tyrump supporters, it is a demonstration of that 2nd Amendment Right that counts and must be televised. Alaska, once the "Last Frontier", today more like the "Lost Frontier". As the sad reality continues to dish it out - well it is today not a "Wally World", but a Tyrump's Tower and we best get used to the carnage as a guy like ZDonald brings out the creep show mentality bingo, like in the lunacy behind an Estaban Santiago. This crackpot is but one of the many that have moved to Alaska and act accordingly to "psycho" realism thinking they can make it big - not engaged in gainful employment, but acting out their fantasies like the Alaskan Bush People - wherein breaking the law gets you another year's worth of contracts! Maybe it is time for Alaska to reciprocate the good deeds of others like when other state's watched over us and start warning the lower-48 cops when the "Reality Show" robbers with their loaded fire-arms are headed "south" of the border for no apparent reason other than they are cold and cannot stand an Alaskan winter so looking for some heat! Look, Gabrielle Giffords was gunned down by the same kind of crazed lunatic, because he thought that was what Sarah Palin told him to do during some church service. And I would guess with a degree of accuracy that Santiago was a ZDonald Tyrump supporter, and even though not in direct contact, the subliminal messaging that has arrested the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness the victims, all because of how this crazed individual interpreted that President-elect-reject's message. Lookout lower-48, as Alaska's "Reality TV" stars are on the loose and I am sure that Santiago has already signed a promotional contract!

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