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Sunday, January 8, 2017

All the STUPID People

If laughter is the "Best Medicine" then maybe we don't need any more ObamaCare. And since the 115th demolition derby team has begun its Constitutional destruction in earnest, by setting their sights on getting rid of ObamaCare without a backup...the republican led Congress does have a backup! PANIC. I am still lost, while browsing the United States Constitution I "carry" as my concealed weapon of choice, as I have not found the amendment that calls for an incoming Congress to destroy the outgoing president's legacy? But "Trust" them, as there is a "Backup" plan of attack. Yes, the unending laughter from ZDonald Tyrump in action at 3am due an "enlarged prostate" is that main ingredient for cheap-skate affordable healthcare, supplemented by an apple a day habit...hey maybe back to the basics makes sense! A good apple costs about a 25-cents, so for $90 bucks a year under this new plan I have affordable health care - as long as the laughter is free and we have immigrants around to pick the apple crop. I am sure ZDonald Tyrump would charge a fee for the laughter, as he dislikes plagiarism, just give him time! IMAGINE, a "Laughter Tax", maybe I should keep my mouth shut. IMAGINE if ZDonald could keep his trap shut...but then all the laughter! Now this explosive diarrhea that continues to leak out of the foaming mouth president-elect-reject, it is funny. I mean what else can "We the Stupid People" do, if we can't beat him join him. He's a clown, get over it "Stupid"! Talk about a beating, read on. Back in November, it was clear and convincing that some 65-million authorized voters didn't think he was funny - and any "Female" that cast a vote his way should be castrated. OK, let's be fair, anybody that cast a vote for was "Rigged" from the beginning as we were given "Nothing" on either side of the isle worth that cherished vote. But since that 2016 election "Hoodwanking", many Tyrump supporting farmers that need those "immigrants" to pick the peaches before the "rot" and Tyrump supporting Texans on ObamaCare to cheaply pump out more inbred Rick Perrys, they didn't think ZDonald was serious and are now running scared. So that NO DONALD - LOVE TRUMPS HATE, if a recount was done...look it wouldn't be any different with Hillary and we wouldn't have all the laughter which means ObamaCare would have no choice but to survive the GOP gallows. Talk about a catch-22. The saddest thing about this election is the fact that Texas was so damn close to seceding from the Union, as many cow-punchers still believe that the military Jade Helm exercises were nothing short an orchestrated attack by Obama - to restrict that inalienable right that "we can eat barbecue 3-times a day"! I was hoping for another non-republican in the White House, so that dream would come true - Texas, please go away. OK, the best time to be an Alaskan was towards the end of building the Trans-Alaskan-Pipeline, when there came a famous slogan that being "Happiness was a Texan headed south with an Okie under each arm". Now the only thing about ZDonald, and this laughter that keeps on giving like the Energizer Bunny dude ranch on steroids, the other day I was down California way and "Bad Storms" were inundating the state with "flash flooding". So that "Eat Eat Eat~ZZZZ~Eat Eat Eat" warning "ALERT" broadcast on every electronic gizmo - even the coffee pot - was nauseating and every time it broke the peace and quiet, I quivered in fear, was it a warning about incoming? Not torrential rains, but did ZDonald hit the wrong "Send" button during a "Twitter" rant-on-rage and was this the warning "Kiss Your Ass Goodbye" when it was announced this "Channel will now be off the air for...? But here is something to laugh about. There may be a reason acceptable of why ZDonald "Tower Maggot" wants an EXXON CEO on board his ship of fools. With ZDonald at the helm in only 12-Holy Shit-days out, it reminds me of the night that the EXXON Valdez left port. It was calm seas, so serene that Captain Joe Hazelwood went to sleep it off. And after about an hour into the cruise, that fully laden tanker hit Bligh Reef full steam ahead. In Valdez, even the 3rd graders understood the perils of that reef! So maybe that is what's in store for humanity, another crash and the way that EXXON sneaked out of that debacle, best have the same kind of magicians on your team. There will be a Bligh Reef like crash - and it will hit US just like that tanker wreck when the captain was sound asleep. And remember, the captain's fine for taking a nap while the tanker bled millions of gallons of crude oil into the pristine waters of Prince Williams' Sound was, drum roll please..."Community Service". But I doubt if ZDonald could ever face time in a soup kitchen, just not his kind of people. Not the homeless, but working alongside those that feel volunteering to help our brothers and sisters in need is a golden opportunity. Yes, ZDonald likes "golden opportunities", just a different kind. Show me a single clip wherein ZDonald and his Melanomia are caught dishing out soup for the needy! OK, here is something on a more serious voyage. I see a whole lot of similarities with ZDonald Tyrump and Estaban Santiago - the guy that open fired on innocent airline passengers after having some toilet time with his 9mm Walther. I guess Santiago got that one Christmas wish come true, getting back his "confiscated" gun from the Anchorage police after "psycho" evaluations proved he was...Look, Alaska has a history of this free-for-all freedom clause with its "psychos". There was a guy named Charles Meach who killed a young kid at Earthquake Park in Anchorage and was sentenced to a mental institution in California, a verdict of "Guilty by Insanity". When it appeared his "insanity" was in remission - after counseling by Charles Manson - he was sent back to Alaska and became a ward of the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. But somehow he was given a picnic-day release to go target-shooting and went to the Russian Jack campground just around the corner and shot dead 4 more kids. Following that incident, Meach was convicted as "guilty but mentally ill" wherein Alaska - YES ALASKA - found itself under the toughest "insanity defense" statutes of any state! But it narrowed the playing field, as a tougher win for any defense but at the same time made it difficult all around to find an individual "mentally incompetent". Now Santiago was seeing things and hearing things, and even went to the local Alaska FBI for help. Yes, the same gang that took down Ted Stevens and then admitted a mistake. But Santiago's "brain wave" concern was turned over to the local police who then confiscated his 9mm gun - the same weapon that would be used in a few weeks to bullet down a bunch of innocent people in Florida. So even though on the radar of approaching the no return insane spin zone, Santiago was found "OK" and given that picnic day release, just like Meach. I would like to see that report from the "shrink", as there must be something wrong with his "lie detector" or maybe he's a flake himself - or fake - reminds me of another questionable medical opinion?  That ZDonald Tyrump's shrink, Dr. Bernstein. See, with ZDonald Tyrump, we don't know what is going on in that "pea" brain, but it is surely mixed emotions, quick responses no thought to think before speaking and it gives "Helter Skelter" new meaning. That is the reason that Charles Manson was in the news right after Christmas and right before Santiago went crazy, maybe both Santiago and Tyrump are under the influence of "Squeaky Fromage". Look, this Santiago character, he was crazed and tried to admit himself, sorry can't help go away and come back another rainy day. But when he un-wrapped that Christmas present in the airport "crapper" - I guess he thought time for his own fireworks. And it will be no different with ZDonald Tyrump, as he is as unstable as an Alaskan glacier and makes Captain Joe Hazelwood a saint in comparison. But "We the Stupid People" some 65-million strong and counting up by many once-upon-a-time short lived Tyrump supporters losing faith and changing seats...hey we couldn't find anything wrong with this Santiago flake, so let him go and look what we get for being so soft. I would say that what happened in Florida, more to come as when you have a president-elect-reject that seems to promote this type of action by word of he really about to take over the Oval Office? What in hell happened!

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