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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Crystal Ball, He Says!

FOX places more credibility in an accused rapist, a molester, a known rapist, a guy that must hide out in a foreign embassy because authorities are chasing him wonder intelligent anchors like Megyn Kelly are jumping ship. And it appears that when it becomes "Reality Show" gospel, ZDonald Tyrump takes it to bed as the "Word"! When the FOX abandons all allegiance to moderation, well it is and has been a firing squad that Barack Obama was forced to dodge everyday now for the last 8-years - Hail to the Chief! See, the 44th is pretty fit and can maneuver around the shrapnel, but IMAGINE ZDonald Tyrump under the same circumstances? I feel sorry for the Secret Security detail that must listen in to ZDonald and Melanomia augments. "Shrapnel"? The fallout that follows every damn FOXturdtoid when afterbirth lunatics, assassins, pedophiles get to attack righteousness under the auspices of that 1st Amendment Right - it doesn't matter anymore the storyline as it invites attacks on Obama, no matter what the weather outside delivers. The other day there was a story about some idiot mom that I-phone filmed her 3-year old during life threatening circumstances - when a clothes drawer fell - as the 2-year old sibling tried to help, wherein the mom said she was allowing her kid to suffer the pain and suffering of a loaded clothes draw on his fragile chest so she could film it for  parent awareness - I think it is called child abuse? Anyway, that was blamed on Obama! Sick mentality those that voted against Obama. I mean, when I tune in the lunatic channel of the O'Reilly like fringed memory and Hannity "snake-oil-sleaze" along with the rest of the obscene Judge Juggers, it starts to smell like "Fromunder" and smellevision is still not available in my neighborhood - it is like the plants in my house start to die and the cat runs for cover and my wife gets out the divorce application - even the beer suds prematurely disappear? Maybe when on a FOX frequency there is a subliminal message of "ATTACK OBAMA", cause hate & discontent, vote for ZDonald Tyrump! Even Glenn Beck had to find a new gig and get away from the FOX. See, if Julian Asinine were to step foot in America, he would be arrested and tried under the Espionage Act. If he decided to take another vacation in the Netherlands, his balls would be cut off. There is a bounty out, for his balls as that is allowed in some countries as a deterrent to "rape". Maybe Hannity should interview Charles Manson, to get his take on the Russian Federation's "hackysacky" and then maybe ZDonald would then be on the Helter Skelter's side. It is right up Sean's alley and once again proves his loyalty to, well not America the Beautiful... as the latter may be a thing of the past very soon. Let's see, crooks to crocks to Mafia hit-men to lunatics, yes indeed with the ZDonald Tyrump the "circus is in town", the "Freak Circus" that is, PGXXX-Restricted. And probably the most memorable event with the ZDonald "Tower Maggot" Tyrump run-for-the-roost was the Melanomia speech she infringed upon, from Michelle Obama. What a stool pigeon, stealing someone else's gusto. Just because Melanomia thought she might one day be in the White House, it doesn't mean ownership of property from past caretakers, or is that how the wealthy think? Michelle, please leave some soiled panties for the Queen of ZDonald drama. If I were Obama I would be pissing in the corners, shitting in the closets and leaving boogers under the desk tops - oh and on the way out rub the hand phones through the crack. Look, that White House icon and the Oval Office it done with, we might have to burn it down in effigy once the Maggot takes up residency. ZDoanld Tyrump has officially endorsed Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange, a mass murderer and a rapist - so my as well bring Charlie to the party! Talk about jerking off with the enemy. Yes, sick drama it is unfolding before the world to see, like with ZDonald's pick for Secretary of Treasury, the Munchkin Man who is also know in the circle-of-fiend-friends as the "Foreskin King" and sent a little old lady to the homeless ranks after she was 27-cents late on a "Reverse Mortgage". Remember all those commercials with Ex-Senator Movie Man Fred Thompson? He was a crook for the "Reverse Mortgage" junket - it was a scam. Homeowners, many elderly World War II worriers were taken for a ride and lost everything. Yes indeed, during the "Foreclosure Boom", the Munchkin made close to $2-billion sending people into the streets. That is why ZDonald picked this crook, who had 35000 complaints lodged against his RICO bank from displaced Californians along with 16000 questionable evictions before the Fed.'s as this guy is just like ZDonald's dad Fred, a "Beach Haven" rich bastard maggot mentality. If you can make money, who gives a crap the fate of those without a shelter. And that Thompson crook, he's 6-feet under but his spouse still gets a lucrative retirement from his Senate time - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Yes, there ought to be a law as she must have known about Fred's scamming promotions. And why in hell did ZDonald have to charge his guests $800-bucks to attend his New Year's Eve erectile dysfunctional enlarged prostate event? OK, during the course of the 10-course dinner which included a taste of Russia's finest caviar, a gift from Vladimir, ZDonald had to relieve himself every hour! It's called an enlarged prostate and the reason he is up at 3am and pissing on humanity - should try pissing on Hannity! But is Melanomia a "Contract Wife"? I am beginning to believe so, with a do as I say or else clause. She is NOT a free woman, she is handcuffed, as the "Contract" spells it out, what she can do, what she can say, everything. And that is why she got her own way and is NOT moving to the White House, as she has her own attorney that told ZDonald's bozos to take a hike. And the sad state of affairs - we only have 15-days left until ZDonald Tyrump's D-Day. D for "Desolation", the road we will soon be traveling down. Look, I am not afraid if ZDonald starts a war abroad, as we are under attack today in our own "Homeland", sea to shining sea - by a posse of misfits getting ready to hijack it all. We must defend ourselves. OK America, to let me own self down, as "We the People Denied" are actually winning! What, am I crazy? See, there is no way we wanted a Hillary Clinton in the "White House" as it would have been more of the same - and today the Democratic Party is in the cesspool and there is no recovery plan. Just watch the Howard Dean mouth twitch, the DNC is drowning in Wasserman sorrow - sorry no pity. And the GOP was also on its last leg, but with a ZDonald Tyrump a short-lived resurrection. But rest assured it will be but a matter of time both the "majority rules" Congress falls flat on its face along with the "minority rules" 45th's circus freak show. So I would gamble that before the 100-day honeymoon is up, that Melanomia will be opting out of the contract, and the rest is "Bad History". Now when the smoke clears, it will be all ours, once again. So it is but an aberration, and when we take it all back again in "Solidarity", we will compromise on all issues important to the respect upon our inalienable right of life, liberty and that pursuit to happiness and find before us a better and gentler nation. We are at the crossroads, as our aged Republic under Democracy has reached its point of no return, and "Solidarity" is the key to our future. We are a divided nation, that is NOT OK and the recipe for disaster our Constitution's survival. What Congress has led us to believe is that we must be divided - but remember the age old saying - we fall! We no longer need a Congress, we need a leader with Lech Walesa like quality and an unselfish commitment, as that will be the next "Contract with America". And whom may that be, Bernie Sanders started this movement and one day it will be his vision that "Makes America Great Again". Look, America was "Great" already under Barack Obama, but the ZDonald Tyrump will tear it all down in a heartbeat. His plan of attack will fail, as it is an "ATTACK" on the proletariat class! Like Barack Obama was quoted: "Look out for the America people". So time and Patriotism is on our side, not just the "Majority" that said NEY to a ZDonald Tyrump misery, but with us all and we will forgive that faction that was "Hoodwinked" by the GOP stump with Trump. We have been divided way too wrong, time to once again, "Come Together" and that "I have a dream" will come true as we will have no other option once ZDonald Tyrump turns the Oval Office into the "Beach Haven" headquarters - as OLD MAN TRUMP is not a patron saint of Liberty and justice for ALL!

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