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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Al-Gore-ithm & Patriotism

A backwoods retired scientist from Lake Clark Alaska - who was the subject of a novel titled "S.O.S. from Beaver Lake" that which documented the first alien landing that was sabotaged by the U.S. Air Force so it would not cause panic hysteria - has developed a mathematical test of utmost interest. Called the Al-Gore-ithm-LXXVIII, it consumes massive amounts of data from the public domain and can test the "Patriotism" of an individual. Like a paper shredder, it first hones in on any and all data available "worldwide" by scanning the horizon of the "Internet" then using a model with 78-degrees of freedom, it evaluates a person's history based on the criteria that defends "Patriotism". Degrees-of-Freedom? Your car has 3, left or straight or right - but with how many in-betweens - get the picture! So powerful this calculation that there is but a single computer that can arrange all the elements to achieve the goal, establish the "Patriotism" of an individual - and it is based on "American Patriotism". That multi-core processor is a gift from Ex-Senator Theodore Fulton Stevens courtesy Uncle Sam and resides at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks campus. So the margin of error rests between Vladimir Putin to Abraham Lincoln - Communism verses Freedom. The Russian Federation guy was included due his affiliation with the ZDonald Tyrump campaign. So the results from this Al-Gore-ithm-78 to test the "American Patriotism" of ZDonald Tyrump's cabinet, read on: 


GREEN = Passes "American Patriot" Test
RED = Fails "American Patriot" Test
INDETERMINATE = Test Not Conclusive

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