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Thursday, January 5, 2017

TowerCare vs. ObamaCare

115th U.S. Congress - Day 2

According to U.S. Congressional Representative Robert Pittenger, TowerCare will soon try to replace ObamaCare, in about 15-days. And here is how it will work. "TowerCare" is what it is called behind closed doors. The Republican run Congress will appeal ObamaCare and offer up "TowerCare", in honor of ZDonald Tyrump "Tower". As it appears, it is "Train Wreck" like legislation, as the breaks have failed and the locomotive is heading downhill in contempt. It will be a piece-meal type of legislation so complicated that people will just, well die before they get medical coverage. See, according to the "Pit", when Congress gives the "Green Light - Start Your Engines", I am supposed to canvas my neighborhood for like parents wanting coverage, for their families. The more that can come together as a group, the better the coverage at a reality "group" rate. And then you get to cater your "neighborhood's group plan" according to needs. But you have to be careful on families and patients you let into your domain. So if there is a family with a special needs kids, avoid that house. And if an older couple not yet on the MediCare or OtherCaid, may avoid that interest also, depending on their health. If the old man suffers from erectile dysfunction and an enlarged prostate like ZDonald Tyrump and is up at 3am for a Pee-Time, deny participation. Same with newlywed couples without kids yet, as the pregnancies will send your premiums higher than the Trump Tower - especially if a Mormon family! Oh, and that 400-pound obese kid that "hacked" the DNC, NEY to that family also. So...the way I see this plan on its face value, the only entities that will make out are the lawyers and the undertakers. And in bad, bad Leroy Brown neighborhoods, there won't be any participation because door-to-door means taking risks - which isn't covered by the plan's pre-existing conditions clause. And supposedly, if a member of the NRA you will receive a FedEx like discount on your plan. And if the "Cary Law" passes with the 115th, there could be rebates those that participate. So this plan will save a whole lot of Uncle Sam involvement, which equates to loot - and then Congress can give itself a raise, just like rewarding corporate CEOs for cutting the bottom line. See, there is pressure in the 115th rank and pile worms for a pay raise, and Paul Ryan said show him the savings! But TowerCare, it's merely a plan based on "Segregation". See, we must revisit the Trump Tower as a realization of what that icon stands for - SEGREGATION. That is why "Patriotic Americans" should boycott anything "Tower", here and in other nations. See, the "Trump Tower" was coined by Woody Guthrie, based on "segregation" incidences in housing over at New York City's "Beach Haven" district back in the 50s, wherein a "color line was drawn" by ZDonald's father Fred. In fact, the "white knights" were involved to lend Fred a helping "lynching" hand. So, with the "TowerCare" coming to roost, we will be required to segregate in efforts to design a health coverage plan that provides, yet does not bankrupt. So best get busy on the phone today, calling around to get that gang of opportunists on your plan - yes you'll need a lawyer to figure it out. It will be a "Contract for America"! Yes, the better the lawyer retained to prepare the plan and medical claims, the better the plan - so it is a plan that is wealth conscious based. See, the plan by the GOP sees cost savings for Uncle Sam for the medical stuff, but the legal costs will be the burden of the participants and that my friend is a coin toss, of whether or not "We the People" will save any of our hard earned income - we know how lawyers work. And remember, be careful as this "TowerCare" is not meant to be "Good Guy" legislation and no time to be "your sick brother's keeper"! Here is the test of time, this "TowerCare Contract with America". Any plan that the Congress comes up with, before dismantling the existing ObamaCare, it shall be tested by the 538 members of Congress themselves, along with their family members. I mean, this would be the best thing forward such an abrupt change over ObamaCare, like a trial free money back guarantee. What's good enough for...In fact, include ZDonald Tyrump and his family, Melanomia and No-Show junior. While we are at it this "more the merrier", include his entire executive staff. Yes, let "Donney and Pauley try it", for goodness sake and then maybe the 115th will have 1st hand knowledge how this nation was "hoodwankered" by a family with known ties to "Segregation"!

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