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Saturday, January 7, 2017

T-Minus 13 Days - SWINE

 ~~~ T-Minus 13 Days ~~~
Sleeping With the Inbred Nigger Enemy

Cautionary Juxtaposition: The "N" word has a history in this nation and an interest different globally. It is a word that when used in conversation gets almost everyone's attention. Yell out the "N" word, all will go quiet for a spell then all hell may break loose, it depends on the surroundings.  I was once in St. Louis and on my way to the airport in a Black Cab driven by a "black man". In traffic, we somehow courted a conversation about that "N" word. So fascinated I became listening to this "brother" dispel some of the notions upon history and how many Beach Haven descendents saw fit to when, where and why the use of this word "affirmatively", that I missed my plane - as this lesson was worth the wait. Beach Haven is wherein American style segregation found its roots with color-lines-being-drawn that caught the attention of the Federal G-man. Fred Trump was the individual that started it all, so maybe credit is due as it also forced the government to propose laws against such preferential treatment with respect to housing. Woody Guthrie lyriced a tune called "Old Man Trump" and in this song coined the "Trump Tower", which remains today an icon of those days of segregation. "Beach Haven is Trump’s Tower, where no black folks come to roam, no, no, Old Man Trump! Old Beach Haven ain't my home!" Before 1972, the "N" being more than just a word was used as a derogatory slogan for the "slaves" that helped build this nation "Great" and also helped us out of many jams by becoming "soldiers". How many black kids were killed in Vietnam? It was John Lennon that brought to our attention the new age "Nigger" reference to an oppressed person, that being the "Woman". As Janie Crawford was quoted: "De nigger woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see." John Lennon's "Woman is the Nigger of the world" enabled mankind to use that "N" word to demonstrate and voice a hate and discontent against an atrocity. So it has different meaning different political assignments. And today, it finds yet another re-assignment. Originally assigned as a "derogatory" then towards sympathy upon the oppressed. So we are back again with the derogatory aspect and if we take the Beach Haven mentality along with the way we have heard and seen ZDoanld Tyrump's affirmative awareness towards "Woman" as the Nigger of the World", then we have the new NIGGER before us today and we best respect that label for what it worth - what goes around comes around. That label is today the Flagship" of ZDonald Tyrump and company. As far as the inbred aspect in SWINE, the outcome of the ZDonald Tyrump engagement to Vladimir Putin.

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