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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

HATE America Winner

Imagine waking up every morning, and HATING AMERICA? Imagine going to bed each night with that same pain & suffering, as a HATER of "Our" America? Imagine making a career "HATING AMERICA". Not talking about foreign terrorists, but bonafide American citizens that continue to show their true spirit appreciation of "HATE AMERICA". There exists a hand-full of "AMERICAN HATERS" out there, but the award for the 2016 I HATE AMERICA the MOST goes to Paul Ryan. To be this fanatic a "HATER", Paul must have grown up "Hating" who we were as a nation, despise for the Founding Fathers and the foundation my beloved nation was built upon, the U.S. Constitution. So fed up he was this disdain and hate for America, he made his way up the HATE ladder ranks, as he had a plan to relieve himself of this "HATRED", by positioning himself so he could destroy this nation. His time has come, and he is in a position to use Donald Trump as his trigger of destruction. Paul Ryan, 2016 recipient of the "Lampoon I HATE AMERICA the MOST" award defined as a cowardly American citizen that sleeps with the enemy within himself. Congratulations Paul!

This award is based on how much hate is demonstrated upon the sitting Commander-in-Chief. Those that "HATE" our leaders show such aggression through cowardly acts. For the last 8-years, Paul Ryan has used his influence in Congress to challenge every move that comes from the Oval Office. But now with a change of guard, he wants to shove his "HATRED" mandate upon "All Americans" - because he HATES US!

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