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Friday, January 6, 2017


Look you Assange asswipe, don't build that "Walley World Wall" unless you have a guarantee from Mexico that it will fork over the gold! To think that it is OK to charge me - as I am a U.S. Taxpayer dishing out my fair share every weekly paycheck unlike you Mr. Asswipe - then you hope for an afterbirth announcement reimbursement, no wonder the "public information" available indicates you have failed as an American businessman. Where are you today on that Forbes list - looks like a cliff hanger. That's right, from the information available to the "public", it is all we have to see how buoyant your 150-dealings are and how well you have done to carry on the Fred Trump label. The only thing I see in that label being successful under your watch is "Beach Haven". But segregation, how hard? You know what, if you were could 65-million upper IQs be wrong? I will try again. If you were smart, you would give us the goods of your business ventures, then we wouldn't have to guess and maybe the 65-million would have to apologize. I would be first in-line to say "I'm Sorry". What are you afraid of? And at the same time, what's with the delay in that Federal Income Tax Return? I have a copy of it, as some "Patriot" that works for the Russian Federation sent it to me - hoping that I would cop an asylum.  I have asked Obama to help, but due the short time left - well would you consider one for this once friend of Putin? But I cannot publish your tax returns, as it is too damn pathetic, and I would not do that to any human species - even an asswipe maggot. Sticks and stones...blah, blah black-sheep you are. See, if I did publish it, there would be riots in the streets, here and in Russia! Anyway, getting back to that "Wally World Wall", even the conservative farmer's in California think you are nuts this immigration thing. It will sky-rocket the cost to produce agriculture throughout this land, as with that "Wall" and its effect, no one will be able to afford fresh fruit. Then the trucking industry will fall due lack of deliverables as fruit rots on the vine, followed by the rail in default. See, you never learned how "True America" works, living in a New York City rat-infested cocoon. The worst thing, when we cannot afford or get fresh fruits and vegetables, so will this nation's health rating sink - and without affordable care...just what you have planned as you are a jealous individual living in that cocoon all these years and not able to enjoy the inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You never smile, the anger...please pop the zit! Poor thing! I feel for you and no matter how hard you try to conform US to feel and share your 70-years of pain and suffering with misery, good luck as there are some things American don't like to share! Best thing you could do is divest of that pathetic cocoon like life and move to Alaska, move to Lake Clark and enjoy life without any "towers" within site. NO, you cannot see Russia from Alaska, no matter what Sarah Palm has told the world - stay away from her and that Billy Brown family. Best just sit by the fire and learn yourself how a true statesmen would survive in the wilderness - his name is Jay Hammond, 4th Governor of the richest state of the Union! See, in Alaska you would be at the top of the Forbes by state...think about it!

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